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The remainder of Althas’s first age saw the Anointed and the Vanguard struggle against the constantly resurging dark forces and the prejudice against jevrethor that threatened to instigate an all out rebellion...

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Magic in History: Part II

The remainder of Althas’s first age saw the Anointed and the Vanguard struggle against the constantly resurging dark forces and the prejudice against jevrethor that threatened to instigate an all out rebellion. Finally, these two came together in the events surrounding the War of Calamities. Téafor, a young jevrethor in the Kingdom of Lambitelor, allied himself with the dark powers that troubled Althas in its first wars and used his power to free hundreds of imprisoned jevrethor and destroy the chief city of the Lambitelor, bringing about the kingdom’s collapse.

After escaping to the mainland, Téafor went underground, gathering and consolidating groups of oppressed jevrethor and najiros throughout Althas. When all was ready, he struck without mercy. In the onset of the war, secret forces severely damaged or even destroyed dozens of fortresses and cities. Kings and princes were assassinated as Téafor’s forces ravaged the Anointed lands. The darkness of Téafor’s influence swallowed up much of the North, enslaving or killing thousands. The powers of the jevrethor - thousands of them - was beyond anything the Anointed had seen. They wielded their power without mercy: wherever the jevrethor of the Vanguard clashed with Téafor’s forces, the result was devastating, leaving their surroundings in ruin.

Despite some victories being won throughout the War, the Anointed Kingdoms were pushed to the brink of annihilation as the Anointed perished in their attempts to push back Téafor’s forces. In the end, Heofon, the leader of the Vanguard and the last Chosen of the age, stood alone.

Defeat seemed at hand when a savior appeared, mysterious and powerful: Drioshafi. He lead the charge alongside Heofon, driving back the dark influence that had swallowed up the north. In the final battle at the city of Ecretei, Drioshafi and the forces of the Anointed hold back many of Téafor’s most powerful servants as Heofon battles with Téafor. In the end, Heofon had victory though he was lost in the process.

The War of Calamities was by far the most destructive war in Althas’s history. While the Anointed were victorious, the liberal use of magic by both sides wrought terrible destruction, especially at strategic points like cities and forts. No city in the northern half of the mainland was untouched, and the regions of Gorandel, Driesefair, Narthendar, and Lamniemalos (where much of the fighting took place) were all in utter ruin and chaos. However, the kingdoms of Anorthile, Nosmalos, and Vishethas endured and their royal lines renewed, beginning a new age: the Years of the Renewed Kingdoms.

The War left a lasting stigma on the jevrethor and magic in general. Jevrethor were largely hated and feared, especially in the lands of the fallen kingdoms, now known as the Feralands. And the War also brought about the destruction of the Vanguard and the deaths of nearly all well trained najiros and many jevrethor.

Magic and the Upcoming War

It has been over three hundred years since the War of Calamities and magic has begun to resurge slowly. The Vanguard has been reestablished in its old stronghold of Hédansael and tries to continue its mission of training and guiding najiros. However, times have changed and the lines are not as clear as they once were. In the war to come, it is unclear which side the Vanguard should take and many among them suspect their true enemy may be lurking in the shadows.


So this is the conclusion of the mini series on magic. A bit of an info dump, but I tried to streamline it as much as possible. And we got it out a day ahead of time. There will probably be another post later this week. Stay tuned ;)

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Only thing about lore is keep it short and split up like I see you have done, so thank you!

Since I don't want to double post in response to the article, I like the foreshadowing in the end, and I hope to find the ruins and cool stuff in them when I start to wonder about Althas.
Also I was accidentally listening to Labored and Lost (AC3 soundtrack) while reading this. Got to say fit quite nicely:D

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Thanks. Hopefully, this also cleared up some facts about the War of Calamities that we had been referencing for some time. As we go, more info on some of these things will be given. Some will be left for you to learn in game.

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