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Post news RSS A Few Days Until Demo 0.1: What to expect

Just a new and improved list of things to expect for the next update, and some other news based on the production so far.

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Alright guys, no sugarcoating, this is what will be in the next update, coming in a few days, and guaranteed to come before September:

+ 2 or more levels
+ NPC's that you can grab as allies
(granted they may not do jack crap, you can save them, kill them, or leave them to death)
(Not Cutscenes; Issue being that cutscene memory sizes caused the game to shoot up to 400 MB with only one cutscene)
+ Some more disturbing content (How scary it is, again, depends on the player)
+ More enemy types
+ More explained about the game story-wise, both in a read-me, on the site, on this site, and in-game

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