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Post news RSS 9th anniversary, 38X, and official voice actors!

IFSCL is more ambitious than ever with the return of the official cast for the fangame! Also, some details on 38X and the future.

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9 years that Code Lyoko's most advanced fangame is in solo development! IFSCL is back today to celebrate its anniversary through a trailer, the most ambitious! This time not centered on Jeremy's Interface, but more on all the visual part (3D) that will be essential to the story mode.

As a reminder, it will be a continuation of the original series, framing in the most canonical way possible to the events of the original series, including exclusive participations of the original actors of the series (French and English), recorded for the occasion.
It will also be an opportunity to introduce players in a less brutal way to the very rich mechanics of the game.

As always IFSCL can be downloaded here:
Interface Fictionnelle du Supercalculateur de Code Lyoko (IFSCL)

Cycle 38X is the latest downloadable version to this date, it was about time to travel in the digital sea with the famous skidbladnir!

There's no Xana in there for now - that's post 40X goal - but in the meantime, you'll have plenty to do with lot of functionalities you might have seen in the series, now glorified and enhanced in this fangame:

  • energyzing in and out of the skid
  • moving the skid in the digital sea and over the surface sectors
  • the dedicated map for the digital sea
  • the use of hubs and their discovery
  • the skid modules management
  • the skid sea sensors when you reach a new replika, in order to unlock their entry with the cryptosmasher
  • the presence of multiple mountain-type replikas on which you'll already be able to put a foot on
  • specific codes to dock to replikas towers, just like carthage and its famous scipio code, more than ever, you'll feel like Jeremy!
  • a book of punic wars bigger than ever before!

The 'room', a secret place revealing key moments of the future story mode and / or technical prototypes, has been unveiled and can be accessed via the code:


That you can type in the terminal of the game ;)


At what point is this basically no longer a fan game?

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It gets officially licensed, lol

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