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Red pandas and lampposts now added too! Find out more.

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Hey all,

We've just launched a quick update for Resort Boss: Golf, with a bunch of new bug fixes, as well as a splash of new content.

Visit the roadmap to see what's to come in Resort Boss: Golf's October and November updates.

7 October Full Patch Notes

  • Added Red Pandas to the game. Very expensive, but high prestige.
  • Added lamp posts for night golfing.
  • Added parking lots, for visualization of how busy a resort is, as well as to give a bonus to the capacity of the resort.
  • Added a (Closed) label to the resort name in the main menu for better visibility.
  • Added a panel to confirm the closing of a resort if a tournament is in place, cancelling said tournament.
  • Fixed issue with loading multiple groups to a hole would cause the active group to be reset multiple times, resulting in golfers that never left the course or played.
  • Fixed an issue with the decay of the terrain tiles that caused them to not decay properly if they were assigned to a hole then the hole was removed.
  • Fixed an issue with the AI logic when saving/loading where the golfer's state on being called to hit the ball would be reset, yet the golfer would believe he still had to wait for his turn. The resetting of the state was moved to a later state, and now the golfer loads properly.
  • Fixed an issue where closing a hole sometimes would not make the waiting golfers exit the resort.
  • Modified the AI calculations for strokes, properly implementing a confidence variable that would allow the AI to take riskier/more rewarding shots (so they *should* be trying to cut through trees on a dogleg; and if unsuccessful, they'll try a less risky shot next time). May need some adjustments.
  • Fixed a false negative on the PlayGroup's spawned status that caused a resort to sometimes spawn duplicate golfers.
  • Fixed an issue with the tee counter resulting in the standby not being turned off when it should.
  • Fixed an issue where some groups would be saved/loaded as empty, which would break the whole group system.
  • Fixed an issue where the actually active group on the hole would not be saved as active, resulting in the ActiveGroup being set to null, further breaking the group system.
  • Fixed an issue where a group could be added both as Active and Next in a hole, making the hole not advance if the Active group ended as they would be trying to call themselves as the next group.
  • Fixed an issue where golfers would stop respawning to play golf because there was a bad group still set as the active/next group of the hole.
  • Utility placement tip now closes properly after closing the panel.
  • Golfers will now only visit the resort to frequent existing facilities; no more will they spawn and idle about without a goal in mind if the driving range didn't exist and they came to the resort to drive.
  • Vending Machines and Benches can now be placed in any location, as opposed to being stuck to the four sides of a tile.
  • Fixed issue with parking lot and lamp posts not being removable.
  • Fixed issue with parking spots being updated visually while players were looking at it.
  • Reduced the rate of update of the parking spots.
  • Fixed an issue where the spawn chance was becoming zero whenever the user placed a parking lot.
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