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Post news RSS *3/25-4/1* Weekly Update (New character, sprites, and juicy effects!)

This is a weekly update on what's new about our game after the busy development during 3/25-4/1. In general, we improve the aesthetic, the tutorial, and adding more juicy effects.

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What’s New?

We worked hard in the past week to add a number of new stuff in our game. In general, in the current alpha version, we dedicated to improving the aesthetic, the tutorial, and adding more juicy effects. The updates are listed as follow:

  • Design and illustrate brand new sprites for characters and stations (The characters are attached below!)
  • Enlarge the arena and uses a dynamic camera to zoom in/out
  • Add a hit back mechanism to submarines, the feeling of bumping and explosion is more realistic now!
  • Add a dashing mechanism to submarines, so you can move faster and hit your opponent!
  • Change the sprite and effect of the random bomb, now it looks more dangerous and feels more intensive
  • Fancy effects for explosions, colliding, shooting, dashing, stunning, etc.
  • Reorganize the tutorial, we try our best to make it easy and clear for newbies!
  • Add a character selection page

char1 front clonechar4 frontchar1 frontchar3 front

What’s the Motivation?

We would like to have you discuss with us on how to improve our game! To share our opinion, we listed the motivation on why we made these changes here. Note that each bullet point corresponds to a point in the 'what's new' section:

  • In the milestone versions, as our main focus is on programming, the aesthetic of our game tends to be awful :(. This week, we have one of our team members working on creating sprites. We plan to have a consistent art style of our game, and the style will be bright, anime, and pixel graphic.
  • Our old arena tends to be too small for players to do some chasing and escaping. We hope a larger arena can lead to more strategy and player decisions!
  • Hit back makes collision cooler now! We hope players could be attracted to discover more on hitting - hit your opponents to hurt them, or hit them into the bomb area so they take damage!
  • Our original submarine movement speed tends to be too slow and makes the movement station less attractive for players. By adding cool dashing effect, we hope players will enjoy driving the submarine.
  • In the playtest session, we noticed some players got confused when encountering a bomb. We found out that it is because the sprite did not look dangerous enough. So we change the sprite to make it clear.
  • Juicy! Juicy! Juicy!
  • We used to have all the stations there at the very beginning of the tutorial. It turns out to be a bad idea because most players get confused about which one to go. This time we make them appear one by one to make life easier. Also, we reconstruct the instruction text to make everything clearer.
  • We are growing up to a integrate and mature game :)

What’s Next?

We are planning to have the following changes:

  • Change submarine sprite and redesign the interior structure
  • Redesign the background environment, possibly adding some obstacles/NPC enemies
  • Add special power-ups such as HP recovery, powerful cannon, seeds that will stick submarines, and more!
  • Refine the main menu and character selection page (art, effects, etc.)
  • Add a result scene -- winners can have more time to celebrate their victory!

Thank you for visiting our site and please look forward to our beta version on 4/8!

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