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3089 v0.70a is out! The story of the Overlord & the "Unknown Entity" has been filled in. What will you choose to do? Who will you side with? Now you can know the consequences of your actions...

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Hey all,

3089 now has a “complete” story with multiple endings! Also, now when you pick up quest-related items, you’ll be able to read the data on them to reveal history & other story details. Now, I’m not saying the story is 100% complete, but now there is a story to modify or add to, if needed.

I’ve also included a bunch of other polishing improvements & a compass, which a few of you requested. The biggest tweak you may notice is the health of larger robots like the Spiderbot. A previous bug spawned bigger robots without full health which has been fixed. Oh, you can now switch items while running! :)

There is a useful thread (at indiedb.com) which I have been following which summarizes the many requests for 3089.

I’m going to tackle “Hoverboards” next, which will act like a vehicle / “skiing” hybrid. It will allow you to move quicker, but you won’t be able to jump & movement will feel like you are on ice (e.g. low “hovering” friction).

Biome changes & additions & a new “acid raid” feature is on the short list of stuff to get done too.

I also want to start planning for the beta 2-player co-op “multiplayer” development phase!

Complete version history here: 3089game.wordpress.com

OK, back to work!
- Phr00t

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Keep em coming! :)
Amazing work!

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