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Post news RSS 3089: More exciting combat, tutorial video & polish!

3089 v0.66a is out! Combat will be much quicker & balanced. I'm also experimenting with a developer's "Let's Play" series where I show off the latest features, offer gameplay tutorials & more. Watch my first video & try the free demo! 

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Hey all -- hope you enjoy my "Let's Play 3089" video! Now, about that v0.66a update,

After processing lots more feedback (thanks!), I’ve made many changes to the way combat works. Combat, overall, should be quicker & more exciting. I’ve increased the “hit boxes” for your shots, so enemies should be easier to hit. I’ve also decreased their health, so they should die faster. Damage indicators, which will display how much relative damage a shot did, will float for a moment on the impact site. The color of the damage indicator shows approximately how much health that robot has left — white is >90% and red is <25%, for example (the exact figure is displayed at the top, like always). However, to compensate just a little for easing combat difficulty, I’ve made Defense more variable & overall, you will take more damage IF you are not dodging. I’ve made dodging more effective, so hopefully, you will take less net damage.

Prices have also been tweaked. Accuracy isn’t as expensive anymore (particularly for launchers), but weapons with decent range will be a bit more expensive.

I spent most of my time, surprisingly, tracking down all of the different & rare ways a robot can “vanish” from the world unexpectedly. The hardest one to pin down & resolve was a result of some optimizations I made earlier. I was able to keep the optimizations & fix the bug; felt good about that :)

I’m not going to say I’m going to get work done on the story (then maybe I will, hehe).

Complete changes @ 3089game.wordpress.com

OK, back to work!
- Phr00t

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*Poops pants and bows in it*

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