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This last week was full of news. We want to welcome Konstantin Shmyrev to this project, as the musician and composer behind the 3:00am Dead Time Soundtrack. Also, there are news regarding an exciting upcoming demo, and some clear explanations about what you get with your funds. Read and enjoy!

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Hi again, and welcome to another article about 3:00am Dead Time. We had a lot of things happening this last week, so this article will be specially long. Get ready :

3:00am Dead Time

Original Soundtrack.

We want to share with you a great notice : 3:00am Dead Time is getting its own and original soundtrack, thanks to the great talent of Konstantin Shmyrev. We want to thank him very much for his great work, and the excellent contribution he is making to this project. We are sure that with his help, the sound and music soul of the game will reach new heights.

Take a look at this video, and listen for yourself the new Main Theme for 3:00am Dead Time. We are sure you will like it .

With the contribution of Konstantin Shmyrev, the game will have an improved identity, and it will help also to the quality of our project. We are taking big steps this time, to ensure that you will receive the best experience in terror.

We are confident that providing the game with its own music, instead of the previous Creative Commons one, will help to build a sound identity of the same quality and level as the rest of the game, and as unique and original. The new music helps a lot, setting the mood and the game's style, something you will be able to see in every level of the game.

As you know, the sound of the game will be one of the main elements to build the climax and make the experience shocking, impressive, and immersive. Giving 3:00am Dead Time its own high quality music, made exclusively for the game and all of its situations, designed by Konstantin to fit exactly the feeling and the images of the game, will make the game immersive as no other indie game before. We are very happy to provide our project with music of the same level as that in professional AAA works, and we are sure that you all will enjoy the impressive results of this collaboration.

New Public Demo in progress.
Coming Soon.

We are happy to announce that we are also working on a new public demo to be released soon. The other demo, that you can find in the downloads section, is really old now, because it was uploaded 3 months ago.
The game has changed a lot, both graphically and in gameplay. The new demo has already a name : "Welcome to the Team", and we have already designed its levels and content. This time, the demo will have more than 1 hour of content against the 10 minutes of the previous one, making it the longest and most complex prototype we have launched. All the funders will receive the demo around one week before it is made publicly available, giving them the opportunity to test it first hand.

Upcoming Demo Test Prototype. Graphical Demonstration.

Old Demo Prototype.

The demo will contain also the complete tutorial of the game, which will showcase the graphical quality, the new sound manager, some of the basic Alpha stage editors, and the completely re-done AI of the game, to make this demo a great gaming experience.
Prepare yourself for the latest addition to our game, a new download to be available really soon. Also, be prepared for new and amazing teaser trailers, which will be uploaded soon. We are working really hard this time, to give you more playable content, and amazing new features. Get ready.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Lately, we have seen that the public and our followers have some doubts about the game, regarding (mainly) the funds and what they receive with them, the price of the game, its content, etc. Here you have some frequently asked questions regarding these topics, that will be permanently linked to this post in the Features section really soon, once next week article is posted. We hope this will explain better what you receive with your funds, and other doubts you may have. If you have a question that is not answered here, you can post it in the comments section, or send it to support@irreverent-software.com . We will do our best to respond every questions you may have.
This is everything for now. We will share more impresisve updates soon, and some new images and videos of the new upcoming demo. Keep an eye on this posts, to check the latest news.

If you want to fund the game, go to Irreverent-software.com

Thanks for reading!
The Irreverent Software Team.



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Very interesting! I will track this

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