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In this long period of silent work I've completed a lot of points, things are becoming fun ;) and the universe is slowly coming to life. I've made a lot of upgrades/fixes: Specular Lighting improved, new external hud, new particle effects, atmospheric flying improved, LUA scripting language support, AI driven spaceships...

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Hi All,

In this long period of silent work I've completed a lot of points, things are becoming fun ;) and the universe is slowly coming to life.

Here is the list of updates:

  • Fixed Various errors on specular lighting
  • New external HUD
  • Increased the shadows distance range and added the cockpit's shadow
  • Particle Effects: explosions and shots on the hull improved and more defined
  • Dust Particle Effects caused by the exhaust gases
  • Sparks Particle Effects
  • Improved Atmospheric flight physics. When in atmosphere the RCS maneuvers are replaced by Horizontal and Vertical tail wings and ailerons (not yet rendered but effective). Take Off and Landings now are more fun and realistic.
  • Added LUA scripting language support. It will be possible to write and customize the missions through LUA
  • AI: added behaviors such attacks, follow, wander, travel, etc.
  • Dogfight in Space and in the Atmosphere I am currently completing the AI with the ability to communicate with the BOT driven spaceships.

Next macro-steps before the release will be: complete the assets (new ships, cockpits, cities), write some training missions and storyline.

And finally some new screenshots:

1.A dogfight scene in termosphere. Both the spaceships are driven by AI. I am using the AI for the enemies and also to drive the main spaceship for debug purposes. But I will use the AI feature also to let users to automatize several boring procedures (like reaching destinations or automatic aim of targets)

Screen Shot 2016 06 11 at 10 08

2.A dogfight scene between two AI bots on Mars. The development of the AI here was more complicated because it must be taken into consideration the ground and mountains collisions and the drag of the atmosphere. All the maneuvers must also consider the horizon alignment.

Screen Shot 2016 06 20 at 20 39

3.Another new feature is the Spark Particle effects when the hull of the spaceship "slides" with other objects or ground.

Screen Shot 2016 03 05 at 00 26

4. Here an example on how the AI is trying to reach a Space Station from the outer space. Since the planet is an obstacle on its way the AI is maneuvering to align with the orbit.

Screen Shot 2016 06 03 at 15 46

5.The cockpit Shadow improves a lot the realism of the scene. Please note that also the LCD displays are affected by the shine of the sun (less contrast).

Screen Shot 2016 04 01 at 20 20

6.Another dogfight scene in high atmosphere. The temperature here is damaging the hull.

Screen Shot 2016 06 11 at 10 08 1

Thank you all guys, I go back to work!

Vladiskov - - 384 comments

Awesome... simply awesome :D

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Damlock Author
Damlock - - 95 comments

Thanks! :)

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Bearkiddy - - 17 comments

I'm freaking out! This, I desire to play this on my phone right now! I don't know how you do it, (must be a wizard) but thank you for making such a beautiful game come to iOS! Wish I could beta test it but that's ok if not. Is there a projected release date window you have in mind? And, ( I'm reaching abit) a price your considerzing?

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