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The great news about development, as well, a handful of screenshots.

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First and foremost, we had the great news, awhile back, strictly speaking one week a go, the closed beta test begun. This is a relevant milestone in our schedule and thereby, we are closer to the final release. There is no release date yet, but you can be sure, and it will and is going well. Question that comes to your mind, why is there no available public version? It is because we are unable to start the English translation at the moment. Right now, we only have few crew members on the board and what is more important, we are still working on texts in Polish, so English translation is currently impossible. Bear in mind however, the English translation is a must-have to the release of the final version.

Here there are a few, slightly random screenshots which present the lateset updates and changes:

New map icons

New map icons

Visually expanded towns

Visually expanded towns

New presentations

Inn menu [W.I.P] Duel rank [W.I.P]

Hence forth I am going to inform you consistently about our future progress and release deadlines.
See you in the next update!

MyLightningRocks - - 13 comments

Great Tony :)

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dinnerblaster1 - - 678 comments

How many town and village scenes will there be? It was sorta lame to the immersion in 1805 II how they all were exactly the same and this mod has so much promise that I wouldn't want it to havethe same problem. And of course, great job as alway, I'm glad the developement is going well!

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Tony_Bugow Author
Tony_Bugow - - 128 comments

Thanks :-)
I would like to add as much as possible, as you pointed out, variety is important. However, there are several types of scenes in modification and each of them takes, at least,
a few hours. In the case of towns it can be 20 hours or even more. Thus, most of the scenes will be unique, but not all. Unless, we find more level designers, because for the time being I am the one in charge of locations.

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