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Galactic Conquerors Patch 0.57 is here with tons of changes and fixes. Check out what we've been doing!

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We've come quite far since the launch to Steam Early Access last fall! This patch brings in several things that we've fixed, updated and banged our heads against for quite some time now. Check out the change log below! We'll be sending out other news as well during next week. By the way, did you miss our 2015 wrap up? Check it out here: Steamcommunity.com


Between builds 148 (0.55) and 191 (0.57)

We're happy to announce Galactic Conquerors 0.57 version. This patch is intended to fix issues that were happening in previous release and to provide the finalized data structure to the game. As always please remember to patch your client before starting online games. Please note that this patch is around 250 megabytes by its size and is thus recommended to be downloaded with broadband connection.


  • The game engine has been updated to Unity3D 5.3. This is the last main release we're using developing the game
  • Due to engine update we're dropping out the support for running Galactic Conquerors on some systems. The new operating system requirements are Windows XP SP2+, Mac OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion. Linux operating system requirements stay intact.


  • The finalized folder structure is here. The changes are for the incoming editor and modding possibilities.
  • The load screen now has a load animation.
  • The key mapping is now added to the settings, you can now bind your own custom keys from within main menu settings
  • It's now possible to toggle VSync from Quality Settings.


  • The damage and attack speed stat have been merged within Planetary UI. The new system shows the Damage Per Seconds (DPS) for each Commander and Unit
  • The faction selector has new textures for color selection which should be clearer on some screens. The faction selector UI also included indicator of the player's own faction within the faction's list
  • The load mechanics have been improved and it should now take signifcantly less time to start the game.
  • The game uses now less computer's resources as the systems that provided backwards compability are stripped down.
  • The player colors are reworked to provide more clearer looks.
  • The players that have not been set as AI or client at the game start no longer show in game menu.
  • The factions now have their own backgrounds within the Research UI.
  • The icons when multi selecting units are no longer stretched.
  • The game data cache is now cleared between released versions automaticly
  • Toggling the message composing while chat window is not visible now toggles the full size window as intended.


  • Fixed bug that prevented game author changing AI color or faction
  • The cursor is no longer rendered above the load screen as intended.
  • Fixed bug that caused incorrect rendering within research UI.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Tutorial start correctly in 0.56 build
  • Fixed bug that allowed the user to press on portals with secondary mouse button and cause the inpect event occur.
  • Fixed bug that glitched the commander animations within Research UI
  • Fixed the path draw for the selected moving units. The old system drawed the path to the closest path node but now the path is drawn correctly to the position the unit will be heading with the new move command.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the winning battle army not trigger the planet conquer in some cases
  • Fixed bug that prevented the tooltip rendering on the Planetary UI's stat view.
  • Fixed incorrect animation rendering within army bar slots when slot has a active recruit command.
  • Some of the assets were missing from the last release, the assets are now properly included with the folder structure changes.
  • Fixed a potential crash when launching the game on some systems where users would cause their input to hijack the load mechanics at a critical time.
  • It's no longer possible to start a server without name.
  • Battling armies now correctly shoot each other on roam phase.
  • Fixed a bug that caused incorrect animation render within Research UI
  • Fixed a bug that would allow player to end turn during critical part of the tutorial using turn accept key
  • It's no longer possible for dead units to trigger the skill functionalities.
  • Fixed issue where the units would shoot their allied forces if they would be activating skill on their target.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause armies to look to the last enemy they were in battle with
  • Fixed incorrect Army Inspector Rendering
  • Fixed bug that prevented some Army Inspector slots be left to state where the slots were not selectable
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Stack UI opening within battle
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the stacks within battle have zero units in them.
  • Fixed several wrong effect shaders

Game Logic & Map Fixes And Changes

  • One Orbit To Rule: Fixed issue where there was two stars with the same identifier. This could cause incorrect AI and path calculations within the map
  • EMP Bolt: The damage is no longer delivered twice, the effects of this skill are now triggered in their correct places
  • Tutorial: There's no longer third unit on the blue player when the first battle begins. Removed camera rotation when coming away from the first battle. The secondary army of the blue player now has different unit combination for easier planet access after first battle.

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