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Post news RSS 04.12.2018 Information About New Update

Brief information about the latest update to my game.

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Steam Store: Stay Alive: Apocalypse


New Animals: Cow (in the barn in villages. Produces milk.),


Rabbit (Randomly spawns on grass),


Rat (randomly spawned due to character pollution and escapes by stealing a food)


Shelter upgrades added to private houses

Private house models updated




New Job: Architect

Controller support added

Object carry indicator changed


Safe zone adjustment system changed and problems fixed

Made addition to mini greenhouse and big farming crate models. Also harvesting process stores automatically if the farming area have a storage

Chicken coop fences renewed


If you need to spend an object to unlock, it shows warning before spending

Camera angle limit increased from 75 degrees to 85 degrees

All zombies and NPC collider fields are reduced by 5 centimeters

The clock can show the time if mouse cursor on it

Medicine effects increased

  • Hose distance increased from 2 to 3

NPC and Animal spawning limiting added

Changes to general graphics settings

Shelter screen renewed

Changes have been made to the object, NPC, task and scan control system to improve performance

Bus rear door now opens 135 degrees

Inspection of "damage the attackers" objects has changed and added to each object's own damage value


Key indicators outside the screen in large objects - Fixed

When the motorcycle is run, the wheels enter into the ground - Fixed

Used the "Pumpkin Light" book, but I don't see it in my craftable items - Fixed

Librarian not know Pumpkin Light - Fixed

Suit Zombie inventory is bugged - Fixed

The object weight effect is not working after loading until object placed - Fixed

Vehicle tires enter the villa and park lawn - Fixed

The effect values ​​of medicines do not show full value- Fixed

Tourist is starting to game without food and drink - Fixed

Object positioning problems in some private houses - Fixed

Some wrong translates - Fixed

Mirror shaking problem - Fixed

Container house can be destroyed - Fixed

Some road problems - Fixed

The weight transport limit does not work on all objects - Fixed

Roller washing machine sound problem - Fixed

Fixes (Need more tests)

The "go to shelter" command causes NPCs to disappear if given away from the shelter - Fixed

Backward going vehicles cause destroy of objects or jumping of vehicles - Fixed

Health limit and Object Carry Limit tasks are not checked - Fixed

Not counting scores in nailed football game - Fixed


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