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Summary of development progress for Deep Below in its final week of development.

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In the final week of our game’s development, we mostly focused on polishing our existing game mechanics and features and the professionalism of our game. This involved adding a credits scene, new music, and improving the boss fight.

First, we added credits to our game. The first way to view the credits is through a button on the title screen. The second way is by finishing the game. We wanted to add a credits scene to bring focus to our wonderful contributors such as voice actors, musicians, and artists. Our game would be nothing without them, so thank you so much to all of our contributors!


Additionally, we added in new music this week. We collaborated with a student from the class MUSPERF300 to create original music for our game. We now have music for almost our entire game that is cohesive and uses the same instrumentation and melodies. Thank you so much, Kevin!

One final improvement we would like to highlight is our improvements to the boss fight. Based on the feedback we received from playtesting in class last week, we made some changes to the fight such as increasing the fish's health to help balance the two character’s power. We also added some ending cutscenes and fun new art to conclude the game.

unnamed 6

unnamed 5

unnamed 7

As this is the final week of development the only thing that is up next is to watch people play our game at the showcase! We look forward to hearing what people think and hope people enjoy our game!

Game Trailer

Download Deep Below - Full Version - Windows Build - Indie DB

Download Deep Below - Full Version - Mac Build - Indie DB

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