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Hello everyone! I am a professional computer programmer and hobbyist game developer. Recently I have been porting all my game projects to xenos engine, an open source engine that I have developed over the past few years. Check out my game page to see what I have been working on!!

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Dev preview is up!

xhrit Blog

So I just posted another development preview about Dungeon Tactics 2.0, this time detailing party and character progression, as well as the class tree. Check it out here, and be sure to let me know what you think...

Deb port is a GO!

xhrit Blog

So I managed to get Dungeon Tactics running on Debian without installing any non standard libs. I fixed the makefile so you don't have to compile it through an IDE, then created an automated build script, and lastly I packaged all the dependencies that you cant get from synaptic together in a single archive. You can download it now on the official website, at www.dungeon-tactics.com/files/xenos-1.2-src.zip

Follow the install instructions included in the archive. You can use Synaptic to install most of the deps, but don't forget to install the development packages as well the libs. Once you do that, you should just be able to run ./build.sh to compile the rest of the deps and the main app.

Release early, release often...

xhrit Blog

Alright, so it is out. And yes, it could have used another week to tighten things up a bit. Balance is way off this patch, and the format change made the shortcomings of the progression system glaringly obvious.

But there are just so many things I want to add, the project risks slipping a week, month, two months between releases, and that goes against the entire open source development philosophy. Release early, release often, get the product out in front of as many people and expose weaknesses and flaws in the design as soon as possible.

So what is next in store for Dungeon Tactics? Multiplayer PvP. Actual class balance. New classes. New monsters, monster bait, some interface changes and gameplay refinements to streamline the experience even father. I'm excited, that is lots of stuff to look forward to!

Almost ready!

xhrit Blog

Dungeon Tactics version 1.4 is almost ready, but I've decided to delay the release an additional week to flesh out the story and dialog system a bit more. This new patch adds basically everything that anyone has ever asked to be in the game. A tutorial, town to sell stuff at, savegames, more maps, more classes, etc, etc. It is huge.

Dungeon Tactics released!

xhrit Blog

I just finished my newest game! It is called 'Dungeon Tactics' and is a skirmish role playing game featuring retro graphics and unique gameplay mechanics. It was created for the Liberated Pixel Cup; a free software game development competition.

Check it out here : Dungeon Tactics

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