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I live in Nijmegen, developing games is my hobby. Responses are very much appreciated, but I tend to forget to look on this page. To make sure I see your message, use the personal messaging system, or olvandgame [at] gmail.com

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T0MM - - 6 comments

Damn, I have been looking for this kind of game for like 2 years now. Need to get my hands on this game ASAP! Btw, my email is thomassaa81@gmail.com

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Guest - - 696,587 comments

Thanks so much for the invitation by the way. The game looks amazing, but nobody is playing unfortunately...

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Othlon - - 2 comments

thanks so much for the alpha key! or maybe i should say "Dank u" :P (i know random bits of dutch and don't get to use it much)

Super excited to try it out :D Will need to set up my PC asap P: i hope i can help with good feedback :) I might even attempt a stream of me playing as long as thats ok!

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Johnnydjent - - 20 comments

Thank you so much! I'm installing now <3

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ByDraxa72 - - 1 comments

Thanks for the game,looks so awesome

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glomevace - - 2 comments

Hey man ! Thanks for the game ! its amazing ! Ik zie dat je ook in nederland woont nice !

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SirHygelac - - 3 comments

Thanks a lot for the invitation :)

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Yoman282 - - 12 comments

Hey, I'd like to thank you for sending me the Alpha in Desura. Cheers!

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Chafoux - - 1 comments

thank's for invitation buddy :D

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Zed3D3 - - 17 comments

The cartoony graphics look real nice, goes perfect for the point of view.
Would be great if there are any more testing spots. I'll deliver a full review :)

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