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I am a one man indie game maker. I love making games and i hope this is evident in everything i make! I have made Sweezy Gunner (Check it out here on Desura!) and am currently developing another game. Thanks for droping by!

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Multimedia Fusion

Engine review

Best software ever! I have been using Clickteam software for nearly 10 years and MMF is amazing.

I recommend it every chance if get! Thanks Clickteam!


Vincere Totus Astrum / To Conquer All Stars

Game review

What a great game! Right from the start you are greated with a great title screen and an understandable and well delivered tutorial which explains the game in an easy to understand way (a must if you are unfamiliar with this type of game)

I was a complete novice at this type of game before i started and within 10 minutes of play i was hooked for hours. The graphics are great and the music is perfectly placed. The gameplay is tactical yet fast paced and easy to follow and you find yourself eager to start the next round.

All in all a great game i would recommend anyone to play. Well worth a purchase!


Super Panda Adventures

Game review

What a fantastic game!!

From the start you get the feeling that this is gonna be awesome and it does not disappoint.
The gameplay is smooth as hell, the combat is a pleasure and gets better as you unlock an assortment of weapons and magic. Couple the amazing gameplay with the incredibly well coloured and stylised graphics and you have got a fantastic game.
The metroidvanianess is awesome, every turn has an area you just cant reach yet but god do you want to know whats over that ledge! Completing the fun quests leads you to new skills and abilities to help you progress so you always know where to go next.

The developer has clearly slaved lovingly over this title and it shows in every way, from the tiny details to the large fun filled world. Amazing work!

I recomend this game to anyone with a love for games, actually make that a love for great games!


Combat Cats

Game review - 2 agree

Great Game! The graphics are fantastic and very well made, the puzzles are fun and fast paced, couple that with the great retro sound track and you got an awesome game, Thouroughly enjoyable!

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