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Here at Visualistic Studios, we strive our hardest to achieve the ultimate goal: creating a game that completely represents our vision as a team, and what each developer see's in his own mind individually, while creating a dependable, accessible, and of course, a fun game! Every person on the team as an idea or a dream of a perfect story, environment, and style, and we work together to make sure that everyone's fantasized ideas are brought to life, creating a masterpiece. We see our work not as a video game, but a work of art. The amount of grueling hours put in by every single person, is merely astonishing. Whether it be story, design, concept art, 3D art, code, animation, anything, it comes straight from our hearts and onto the screen. Because of the help of our well planned and professional team, this is all possible.

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Mist of the Dark Alpha Build 54 Game Files

Mist of the Dark Alpha Build 54 Game Files

Mist of the Dark Full Version

Free download of Mist of the Dark's process thus far(Build 55). Extract the zip folder to any location and run the "Mist of the Dark.exe" file located...