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Visualistic Studios®: Mist of the Dark®, developed and produced in-house, using the versatile Unreal Engine 4®game engine, combines the passion for a truly horrifying and enjoyable game with the experience of a dedicated development team. The result is a new breed of horror game. A fully multiplayer experience that will have you looking over your shoulder at every turn. This is a horror game like no other.


Free download of Mist of the Dark's process thus far(Build 55). Extract the zip folder to any location and run the "Mist of the Dark.exe" file located in the "WindowsNoEditor" folder. Please keep in mind that you must port forward in order to host a server! A common work-a-round to this inconvenience would be to use logmein Hamachi, a free to download program! We are working hard to implement Steam's API, but until then this is the only way of joining and hosting servers.

Mist of the Dark Alpha Build 54 Game Files
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