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Shoplift, dumpster dive, rave and riot your way to victory in a turn based urban crime simulator. Rise from petty thief to master pirate and look out for the store detective. Demo out now for Windows platforms.

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It finally got time to release the pirates on

► Steam: Store.steampowered.com


► HumbleBundle: Humblebundle.com

meet the pirates

Both sites offer a 15% launch discount.

Enjoy the game all you urban pirates!

One more for the road.

GIF train

If you played the alpha and haven't played the beta or any version since, you're gonna be surprised to see the adventure unfold!

Urban Pirate is being released June 17th on Steam and Humblebundle (coming soon)

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Hi all pirates!

No more spamming you with pictures of game content until the final game is released in only 12 days!

Just uploaded the brand new release trailer to 'videos' and a couple of images.

See you on the other side of release!


Hi all urban pirates!

Just to keep you hungry and interested, here's some snapshots of the recent development!

urban pirate new menu

Some neat new Level Menu design!


More mini-games and levels!

Shar City

Polished cut-scenes!

Hope you're all excited to play the final game late May 2016!

- BABY DUKA & BD Games

Twitter: @UrbanPirateGame


A LOT of great things have happened in and outside Urban Pirate the past two months. A lot of work with the audio and gameplay has been done.

I don't feel like spoiling the fun for you so here's a fellow pirate for you and I won't say much more right now

urban pirate dj

About a month to release.

So as the game progresses things get more ugly and more rough. Sheep Island is good for training your freedom-skills. But the concrete city across the bridge that you so desperately wanna go to - doesn't necessarily need any more pirates. Stay calm and run for your life.

urban pirate caught

Get ready for some early access gaming soon.

I bet you're all a bit excited to hear about what's going to happen further on in the game. Because I would spoil the fun to tell you the whole story I am just going to fill you in on some of the mechanics and challenges you will meet in the full game.

Shark City and beyond: The downtown mayhem on the other side of the bridge. Lots of cops, lots of dumpsters and plenty of space to open your own squat(s). There are a little more palm trees here and you can grow to become a fully respected local legend. There will be surprises during the storyline and you will have to face a lot more serious people than the police chief.

urban pirate socialize 0

(alpha graphics, Shark City)

Mini-games & Arcade Mode: During the story you will encounter new mini-games. These levels will then be unlocked in Arcade Mode, so you're able to take on new challenges and as it seems the final release will have a two-player head-to-head mode as well.

urban pirate escape 1

(Escape-the-Store-Detective-Level mini-game, beta graphics)

Right now I am working on the last levels of the game and I am soon to post some clips of game play and graphics. Check Urban Pirate on Twitter to follow the progress.

The game's release has been postponed due to the extended amount of work tasks and ambition. We're looking to release it May '26 on Steam and IndieDB.

Thanks for reading!

►Download the Urban Pirate beta demo►

Game's website

Before I get into the last weeks of developing Urban Pirate and posting lots of updates, I will like to share these pieces of pixelart that I did for the Pixel Dailies page on Twitter. It's a great community and a solid way of getting new fans and evaluation of one's work. All you have to do is to tweet your pixelart related to the theme-of-today, be as good as possible and hope that it will get retweeted by the page's moderator. Here are some of my work over the previous couple of months that made it through:


1. #tombstone

Tombstone pixel dailies

2. #purple


3. #feather

feathered knights unrestricted

4. #monster (max 4 colors, 15x15 pxs)

Monster GIF

5. #conan


I hope you have enjoyed the animations and I hope you get inspired to share your digital art!


So about 3 weeks after releasing the beta for game testing and reviewing a lot of good stuff has happened:

Mentions, game play videos & reviews:

- Indiegames.com, TechRaptor.net, Wraithkal.info, Lostvideogames.wordpress.com & Oprainfall all mentioned or wrote an article on Urban Pirate. Thanks to you!

- A handfull of pirates have made some Let's Play videos. Check out this playlist of urban madness!

screenshot 1

Bugs & Fixes:

So far the demo has run very smoothly except for a couple of things

- A player has experienced that the .exe did not run on Windows 10. No fix yet.

- A player noticed that you are able to complete Bonus Mission Level 3 even though you 'smoke weed'. The variable that the statement referred to was not programmed. Now fixed.

- A player mentioned that she/he got it running in Linux with Wine. Superb!

The game is slowly but surely getting approved on Greenlight. Still a good way to go though but very happy with the 350+ downloads of the demo on the different sites altogether (IndieDB.com, Itch.io and Indiegamestand.com - still waiting to hear back from GOG.com).

I am also very excited to show the fans and everyone else the new levels and animations that are in development!

screenshot 2

GIF  SharkCity 0

Thanks to you all for helping the game develop and to reach the community!

GIF thanks 2

Download the demo here (on IndieDB, no install needed)


- BD

Really happy about TechRaptor reviewer Alex' take on Urban Pirate. Here's a quote:

"Going for a very unique visual style and a chill background of jazzy chiptune, Urban Pirate truly looks like a breath of fresh air on the indie scene. Sure, it has pixel graphics, but the characters the game is depicting are all over the place. The main character seems to have a television for a face, with several of his militant cohorts sharing a bizarre visual style. The police and other citizens seems to be more run of the mill, and it leads to a great contrast."

Read the full article ► Techraptor.net