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Guelstie (Gell-Stee) is a universe made by RPG Maker. The name itself is a broad term meaning a "civilization" to the inhabitants of the world. My work is dedicated to the development and creation of my stories in RPG form.

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Screen Shot Saturday #4

Troctzul Blog

Introducing #EnigmaGame

Recently the Guelstie Project has been busy upgrading development from Ruby RGSS3 to Javascript (.Json) for release of multiple formats.JavaScriptCapture

A project was formed that we are calling the Enigma Series...

Screen Shot Saturday Enigma Series

Our latest game is set in the Guelstie universe and follows the tale of Alasdair, a mysterious pikesman who can't remember his past. After he was saved by a young elementalist, he embarks on a journey to discover what happened to him.

The Mage's College in Stone Haven will be source of many quest as well as a place to brush up on your knowledge of the Guelstie universe!

Enigma SS5

I have been working on the back end with the addition of an ATB system for the battles that will inevitably be the source of material for crafting powerful items, weapons and armors.

Enigma SS7

A lot of the game is still very raw, but much more of the story will be coming over the next few weeks! Our composer is working on an original score as well, and can be followed @djcavaseea! We are hoping to have a full fledged demo available with ~20 quest available for download by the end of January (Given the speed of development).

Much of the town is already fully functional and I am still tweaking the enemies along with fine tuning the battle engine. I just love hearing feedback from fans of the Guelstie Project and hope you subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more videos as they are released.

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Screen Shot Saturday #3

Troctzul Blog

Coming Soon

Updated graphics, new JavaScript plug-in functionality... The #GuelstieProject has so many more games to come!

Screen Shot Saturday #2

Troctzul Blog

Programming Enemies

This #ScreenShotSaturday I am focusing on how to program enemies using the XAS script for RPG Maker VX Ace. XAS automatically sets a range variable when initializing (which can be adjusted in the hard script) that triggers every event's "Self Switch: D" within range of the character.


You should expect all events to react the same way as enemies, and a variety of events not related to enemies can be programmed with that in mind. Personal ideas include floor traps, check points, or specific boss actions that trigger by distance.


Edit the event's "Move Route" to program the enemy behavior.


Utilize the script: "touch_attack(x)" to toggle a basic attack which calls the appropriate graphic. In this case: Graphics/Characters/$E_Slime_Atk


Consider how the XAS script utilizes each graphic as they are the most intensive part of using the engine. Every action you create in game, you must have a graphic to match it with each direction you intend it to be used for instance $Hero_Swd:

Hero Swd

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— The Guelstie Project (@troctzul) November 20, 2015

Short Prologue for Guelstie

Troctzul Blog


I wrote a short prologue last year that sparked the very essence of what Guelstie is today. The following story details the beginning journey of Sess, Saos’s son. Over a decade has passed since the events in Elemental Awakening unfolded and forever changed the world of Guelstie. Both continents are at full war and only Sess holds the key to putting a halt to the elemental dragons plot.


Sparks flew as Garnt’s hammer struck a glowing red hot iron bar.

He was not a particularly large person, but was stocky and indeed capable of holding his own. The man’s sweat drenched his faded brown and grey hair, but his dark brown eyes squinted to keep the deluge from drowning his vision. Sess had heard stories of Garnt’s valor from his father when he was younger, but hadn’t thought they would actually meet again under these circumstances.
“I haven’t held a sword for anything other than inspection in nearly a decade Sess. Yet, you feel as if you can waltz in here referencing your father’s good name as a reason for me to join your cause?” The burly man panted heavily as his swings began to progressively intensify. Garnt’s forearms flexed with every motion, displaying the many years of work put into his craft.

More sparks began to shower the floor like a burning metallic rain.

It reminded Sess of the rough winter weather from which they were taking shelter. The snow flurried without remorse, and it now seemed as if the exact opposite was taking place in front of him. His father had always been a source of inspiration to the young man, encouraging him to see the wonder of every surrounding. However, his death was what led him here to Garnt’s abode. Though he had been tracked for several days on his journey to Garnt’s home, Sess had finally felt confident enough to drop his guard.
“I will craft for you the finest blade this side of the Huruan River, but my blacksmithing skills are the only ones I can offer.”, Garnt’s words echoed a sense of pride as he tirelessly worked the hot metal.

- See more at: Guelstie.com

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@troctzul Cool demo. Thanks for sharing the gameplay video! Best of luck on your #IndieDev project. #GamersUnite T.co

— Philosopher's Stone (@OWtlier) November 20, 2015

Screen Shot Saturday #1

Troctzul Blog

I made a new logo design today for #ScreenshotSaturday in light of the recent attacks in France. I think now is a time to pay respect to the victims, but also not let the attackers win by continuing on with life. You don't actually expect a real horror story to unfold on Friday the 13th, but the day will always be infamous I suppose.

So today marks my first Saturday blog post for Indie DB and am already glad to be apart of such an amazing crowd of gamers! Our latest video detailed simple enemies and interactive tools using the XAS engine. I am working on creating more storyline to post on our home page, as well as redesigning the manual for the RPG Maker VX Ace user out there! Please feel free to leave us a comment!

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