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So-I think I am the only person to be using an actual pic of myself as my avatar-Guess that's not the cool thing to do here :P Been playing PC game for 2yrs now-and I'M HOOKED! Before I was into PS3 and games on my phone. Started on PC games with the horror HOG games (please don't judge me for that!) but got bored quickly! Atmosphere is more important to me than "jump scares," and I love great music, blood, gore, perversion, twisted storylines, all the good stuff that any horror game should have! Currently into a lot of the "indie horror games" and have purchased a few of the alpha funded horror games on here. I have only completed one set of horror games, and that would also be my favorite: the Dark Fall trilogy. Dark Fall 3 is my favorite, although the first Dark Fall was also amazing. I am playing many games but to name a few, Amnesia TDD and many mods of it, Anna, Dead Space, Slender The Arrival, Oulast, I have also been replaying Enola because it has 2 new builds since last time!

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Gyossait Deluxe Edition

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Refreshing and unique game, that is hard at times, but not so hard you want to rage quit. It is quite dark and mysterious with a soundtrack to match. I found myself wanting to play much longer than the average 45mins or so. I wanted to be able to make perfect sense of the poetic or better yet cryptic notes written in blood along the way. I played all of the games in order to try to piece together this "story" but cannot quite figure it all out. I am certain there is more of a story behind this game that could make an awesome graphic novel series, and definitely one that I would buy :) Great Game(s)!



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Very unique "game," if that is what we're calling it. It is more of an experiance that you navigate with game controls. I played it through a few times to try and see different things. It's pretty funny at times too. Trippy, scary, weird, and funny..not too many "games" hit on all those things..I loved it and give it a solid 8, especially since it's free! I may increase rating after I am able to see more of it-I keep getting kicked out the exit door-LOL


The Burrow

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The Piano

Game review

The Kite

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Great game, great music, great artistry-very touching story! SPOILERS LISTED BELOW!!!

I appreciated the irony that Masha sees her son's kite flying in the sky right after she already disconnected antenna. Perhaps if she had seen that whe would have run down to the street instead of disconnect antenna, and things would have turned out much differently. However in a volatile situation like this, something bad was bound to happen sooner or later, unfortunately. The only thing I did not like was the "crossing the street puzzle" -it didn't make any sense at all that she couldn't get across the street until she fixed the traffic light! Something else should have been stopping her from getting there. During the credits, when it showed her paying in bed, I was hoping maybe it would show her waking up, and it was all a dream. Then she packs her son up, and runs far away, but instead she is laying in bed, awake alone, and stricken with grief, and probably guilt too (unfounded of course). So damn sad-and things like this happen every day.



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This game was AMAZING! The story is very well thought out, and the game plays like a finished game. The atmosphere is very creepy, and the theme to the whole game is very disturbing (just how I like it). The music is great, and although there is not an immediate threat present (there is at times though, be careful) you always feel like you are watching over your shoulder. There are also "death traps" in this game, which I am brand new to the idea of. I love it, because you REALLY feel the pressure while trying to solve the puzzles. The puzzles are just right, although there are a couple that are quite hard too. The back story story is very realistic, no monsters, ghosts or zombies, (although it plays out in a metaphorical way), and because of this, really draws you in. Furthermore, the developer was very patient with me, when I got stuck and needed help. This game was worth every penny, and was so good that I will be playing it again when a new build comes out, just to see all the new additions to it.


The Cat Lady

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This game is AMAZING! The story is unbelievably detailed, and totally disturbing! I love it. I have never heard a game with such great voice acting as well, even many of the PS3 games and other highly "polished" games with huge spending budgets have not come close to the story line, and "believability" of the actors voices. Beyond that the game is unique, as it is a "movie" that you are taking part in. The illustrations are amazing, and this also makes it quite unique. The puzzles have been quite hard for me to figure out at times, although other players on here always seem to have the answer, so that must just be me, missing the obvious! It also seems to be a decent length. I am at Chapter 4 and believe there are at least three more chapters. Just like any great movie, or game, I never want it to end! This game doesn't even feel like an alpha build, it seems completely finished while playing it, and I cannot wait to see any improvements made, since it is perfect as is. The only thing I could ever want them to add is more chapters, and a walkthrough posted somewhere so I don't have to keep emailing the developer my questions! He has been very gracious in answering them all for me too-food for thought if you buy it and get stuck (I'd be willing to help you too) SO, buy this game! You will not regret it, and it deserves your support! :)

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