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So-I think I am the only person to be using an actual pic of myself as my avatar-Guess that's not the cool thing to do here :P Been playing PC game for 2yrs now-and I'M HOOKED! Before I was into PS3 and games on my phone. Started on PC games with the horror HOG games (please don't judge me for that!) but got bored quickly! Atmosphere is more important to me than "jump scares," and I love great music, blood, gore, perversion, twisted storylines, all the good stuff that any horror game should have! Currently into a lot of the "indie horror games" and have purchased a few of the alpha funded horror games on here. I have only completed one set of horror games, and that would also be my favorite: the Dark Fall trilogy. Dark Fall 3 is my favorite, although the first Dark Fall was also amazing. I am playing many games but to name a few, Amnesia TDD and many mods of it, Anna, Dead Space, Slender The Arrival, Oulast, I have also been replaying Enola because it has 2 new builds since last time!

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So I just finished playing Enola, and it was GREAT! The story is immaginative, yet realistic, and even though the game takes a "metaphorical view", the reasons behind it are legitimate, and struck a chord with me. I love it when a game is story driven, it is the most important part of a game to me. Second would be the atmosphere and the music, and this game gets an A+ there too. This game introduced me to "death traps," and I must say, I love them! The amount of pressure it puts on you to answer the puzzle correctly, is both frustrating, and genuinly scary! Seeing as this is a realisitc story, there aren't any "monsters", (well at least not any non-human ones). I like that, and before you think that makes the game not scary enough, you do have various points where a killer is chasing you and you never know where and when he may show up. Getting through this game has been a bit of a challenge for me, there were a few bugs and glitches, but this is completely to be expected, and it is through us both alpha-funding and reporting issues of the game, that this gets worked out. Besides, the dev couldn't be more patient and responsive when issues did arrise. I was nearly finshed with it when the infamous "update" came, and us players had to work with the developer to get a workaround. However, Domaginarium was amazing and I was up and running again by the end of the day. That being said there were all sorts of goodies added to the game, and while I did replay it at the beginning so I could see the new cut scene/back story, I have not replayed other "levels" on it and seen all their added scenes etc. Definitely a 10/10-a great game! I only wish there were more like it, because I need something new to play at night, when I'm too chicken to play my "monster" games!


Trinitylynne98 Blog

So, I finshed The Cat Lady (TCL), and I have to say it was AMAZING! It was so unique, and the story was worthy of a movie. It was so detailed, and thought out. I have never seen anything quite like it. Now, I know you may have viewed the trailer, and been like "Huh" at the end-It leaves you with more questions than answers. Even worse, if you played the demo, you may also be like "Huh" or even thinking it looks awful. It's a lady who is walking back and forth, who can only go left or right, and who has some girl named Mitzy following her around. The lack of visual depth, dimension, or graphics period, combined with her only moving left or right seems SO lame... THIS COULDN'T BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH! The ratings don't lie, and let's face it, TCL has a 9.3! That is equal to Penumbra:Overture and one tenth of a point below Amnesia! You have to play it to appreciate it. I promise that it is like a great book, where you just can't put it down, and you find yourself reading it every spare minute you have. I would literally have ten minutes free while cooking dinner etc, and would jump on just to see what happens next. TCL ran all day on my computer, either on pause, or me playing, until I finished it. It is sort of like an anime movie, with it's hand-drawn characters, and linear movements. But then something happens-the plot thickens (I know that sounds corny-but hey here it is true) and you just become amazed with this story. TCL has it all-it's bloody, scary, disturbing, and twisted, combined with great story, that also has a lot of dark humor, which I love. Last but not least, the voice acting is AMAZING in this-I mean it. I love all the Resident Evils for PS3 but let's face it-the voice acting SUCKS in those. Yes, the game is so good we can all overlook it, but it is so nice when you don't have to! I cannot say enough good things about this game-check it out if you haven't and if you have but you have been hesitant to buy it, DO IT! Given all I have said, re-read the game's description, re-watch the trailer, and DON'T judge it from the demo. You will not be disapointed! HMU-With any questions if you're stuck, OR if you have played it and loved it or on the off chance you didn't lemme know! :D

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