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Hey there site browser! I'm just your somewhat average dude, lurking here and there always looking forward to help people (if I can of course) to make edits of/to mods if wanted or need be for a fun and new experience! For my all-around presence I'm cheerful, kind, relaxed, and am fairly immature/funny (too much at times to say the least). PM me if you want assistance or advice on/or basically anything at all-Doom or non-Doom related. I try to be there for everyone :) as mentioned before I'll do what I can for anyone's wants/needs! oh, and a "fun" tip: never go from easy mode to hard, just dive right into that shit until you get it done, trust me...you'll get "some" lessons of patients out of this...then again-never mind who wants to be mentally sane anyways *Agitation intensifies*


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