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Hey there site browser! I'm just your somewhat average dude, lurking here and there always looking forward to help people (if I can of course) to make edits of/to mods if wanted or need be for a fun and new experience! For my all-around presence I'm cheerful, kind, relaxed, and am fairly immature/funny (too much at times to say the least). PM me if you want assistance or advice on/or basically anything at all-Doom or non-Doom related. I try to be there for everyone :) as mentioned before I'll do what I can for anyone's wants/needs! oh, and a "fun" tip: never go from easy mode to hard, just dive right into that shit until you get it done, trust me...you'll get "some" lessons of patients out of this...then again-never mind who wants to be mentally sane anyways *Agitation intensifies*

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Hey demon slayers, it's ya boi-

Straight to the point (somewhat TL;DR), I'm not doing much modding anymore (personal project wise).

(Long boi version)

So any of my stuff, if anyone wants to use/edit/update/w h a t e v e r to it...ask me first please, and most likely I will say yes depending on the situation, and if I do, credit me AND everyone else in the credits section of whatever mod you're talking about, because some of my stuff is other peoples stuff but brutalized. Anyone's comments they've made on my previous mods have not gone unnoticed, and I HEAVILY apologize for not saying much over these past couple years. It's just, things have been so agitating and busy lately, alongside for others I've known, loved, and highly cherished for so long and that have helped me, or they just went MIA (which by all means is totally understandable).

I know there are many projects that I had that went unfinished such as the BD64 PC overhaul (not the same as BD64 traditional), and more I honestly cant remember. Again, I'm sorry for my absence and lack of held promises, I never said anything before because I really wanted to continue things even with mishaps holding me back. I now can confidently say my claims with full reassurance. I might come back to doing things at some point, I might not. As far as helping with others projects goes, I can see what I can do, but it'll depend on what.

Either way, you guys rock, don't let the fire inside you be consumed by the flames of hell-but if they are, put em to good use like the doom guy himself.

Best wishes,


Dun Spooked Boi

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