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I'm an Independent music composer, and a small video game developer. However, I've never released a game (I use game maker pro) but I've released over 40 songs. Go to youtube.com/teksaur. I'm back to work on an old project under a new alias- Escape Route.

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You Thought I Was Gone?

Teksaur Blog 1 comment

Like most of my projects, i'll never finish it unless it is to complete satisfactory. I also know for a fact that most independent game developers don't finish any of their projects unless the game itself becomes very popular. I put Survive the Dead to the side, and for good reason. I've learned the maximum my brain can handle to video game development from that game because I tried so hard on it. I have all the time and knowledge for my next project. Called...Small World, and its in pre-production!

Small World- coming soon!

Lots of New Things!

Teksaur Blog

Sry I haven't updated survive the dead since 2 weeks. It's because i'm working very hard on a bunch of new things and I want all the new features to be working properly when I make another video game play update. I'm not going to go into specific details about what i'm working cause it will all be explained in an upcoming video probably sometime this week.
One thing I will give away is that the main character can move objects around in the environment!

A great opening scene.

Teksaur Blog 1 comment

This weekend I have so far been making the opening scene. I have probably put in around 6 or so hours making the intro level and it's still in development. I don't want to give away anything so I will just say that the intro is Amazing, and there is a lot of animation! Here's a surpriser, the voice acting is all done by me! Yes I know what you're thinking, "seriously! This is gonna suck." Actually, A couple relatives had a listen and (along with me) think it's superb voice acting. I am after all not running a high end budget game with a development team... It's all done by me.

So that's a fresher on what's going on with STD. I don't even known if anybody reads this, but if you are reading this then post a comment so I know. Thanks!

Done A Lot of stuff these past 2 days!

Teksaur Blog

Thanks to one of my friends on moddb for suggesting things I could do to improve my game, I made a lot of great changes to survive the dead. First things first, I completely made a new sprite for the main character and a new knife animation that is way cooler. I made it so that every gun has its own cross-hair and corresponds to the color ammo the gun uses, and lastly I made a whole new tile set for the walls in the game instead of having to look at one wall the whole time. I'll probably be posting a new video soon to show the changes the game has went through. Thanks :)

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