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I am the creator of the C&C Tiberian Dawn Redux Mod and the Realistic Weapon Mod for C&C Generals Zero Hour. I am one of the first few people to successfully release a Zero Hour Mod with enhanced revolutionary graphics! I have also been an assistant programmer and map designer for Vietnam Glory Obscured. Outside of computer game modding, I am a storm chaser for a TV Station. I am also a proud Star Trek fan!

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I am excited that the long awaited sequel to C&C Generals is now in development! However there are a few concerns that I hope get sorted out before its release in 1.5 years. Otherwise I may have to sadly boycott it just as I did with C&C4.

I just hope EA has learned their lesson from their past mistakes.

To the game developers I have a few notes for success:

Keep the gameplay and atmosphere of the original game.
Add new units, missions, and "gameplay innovations" that would ENHANCE the original concepts.
Add a more DIVERSE and INNOVATIVE singleplayer mode.
(Also Look at the old C&C games that feature a map that allows you to select up to four different missions in the singleplayer campaigns.)
Keep Skirmish & Generals Challenge!
Add Naval Warfare!
Add Global Conquest Mode!
And bring in both Bill Brown & Frank Klepacki to compose for the game!

Cut out the core gameplay mechanics.
Add half-naked women in every cutscene and mission briefing.
Make ridiculously over-saturated cartoon styled graphics.
Force players to always play online even in singleplayer missions and skirmish mode.
(The fans like to play C&C games anytime, anywhere WITHOUT the leash of an active internet connection, thank you very much!)

Follow these guidelines and this will be the best C&C game ever!

This is my entry to the Oklahoma D-DAY 2011 Video Contest. Oklahoma D-DAY is a paintball game hosted at D-DAY Adventure Park in Wyandotte Oklahoma USA that recreates the Normandy Invasion in WWII. Your view to my video is your vote! Help me win by sharing this with your friends!


This is my video for the Allied 899th Blackcats at the Oklahoma D-Day 2010 Scenario Paintball Event!

I hate to sound cynical, but this C&C4 online only thing (and the world of PC gaming as a whole) is getting beyond ridiculous! For starts recently, it is being said that EA is removing (or simply not including) LAN Gameplay for C&C4! (as if I am really excited about getting or playing this game as-is anyways) :/
This is unconfirmed but I have even been hearing and reading about speculation about possibly even killing the skirmish mode with AI players altogether. The excuse from EA to justify these actions is with the BS about the player progression stats. Who really gives a hoot!? I believe I can speak for all and say that we just wanna have a good time playing a good game anytime... anywhere! I have played the Beta and I do not like how it is setup one little bit. I feel the impression like EA could be probing my computer all the time. For all you know they could download malicious spyware and adware into your system through this game and then make you buy something to fix it and give it a innocent identity like the notorious game patch that is supposed to fix everything that was wrong with the initial release. Mark my words this will happen one day if it is not happening already!

Of course in all irony, there is the wisdom of the saying: "If it ain't broke don't fix it! But do they (the video game companies) listen... NO!!! They have to go and screw up things that were more less totally fine with the audacity of calling the changes an "improvement"! It is a prime example of total mindless heresy I tell ya!

It is clear that it is all about the almighty dollar and not your enjoyment, not the fans wishes and preferences. Another reason why the C&C Modding community continues to get stronger as each subsequent C&C game that comes out becomes less and less enjoyable and lower in quality. EA has raped and milked the "C&C Cow" long after its death. Do not support EA by buying this game! If they want to stifle the fans and even casual gamers than they can just go bankrupt and rot in the grave of so many other greedy companies before them! I had wanted to pursue a career in video game development and even thought of the idea of going to college for getting a career with EA but not no more if this is how video game developers "ethics" really work! Anti-piracy my arse! DRM and restrictive online only dependence on THEIR servers is not my idea of enjoying a computer game! I miss and greatly enjoyed AI skirmishes WITHOUT internet support because I could play a game ANYTIME, ANYWHERE if I wished without worrying about locating a stable internet connection! EA (and several other major video game companies including Blizzard who apparently are starting to do the same things for Starcraft 2 and such) sounds more and more like the Borg (ala Star Trek) by hooking you into THEIR collective and enslaving you to THEIR rules and commands! (THEIR servers) These examples are (in my opinion and should be yours) NOT INCLUDED in my future of both console and PC gaming! I will instead stick to the classic (sometimes forgotten) games that were purely fun and ethical that VALUED MY FREEDOM and desire for a high quality product that offers my enjoyment anytime, anywhere! You too have that right! Do not let these greedy video game companies COMMAND AND CONQUER YOU!




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EA wishes to FORCE DRM's and "Always Online" (particularly translates to "controlling social activity") on the general public and they hope to eventually make this the standard for ALL future PC games. In the case of C&C4, they are removing LAN and OFFLINE skirmish/singleplayer games under the guise of "anti-piracy" and "player progression stats" and "MMORTS" in what is in my opinion plain and simple bullshit. Blizzard is already doing it as well (as I said in my initial post) by FORCING ALL PLAYERS to use Battle.net for Starcraft 2 so there is the removal of LAN which is only be the beginning if allowed to persist by the players/customers.

As for the capitalistic part, yes perhaps it is evil too when you have GREEDY and CORRUPT organizations and corporations that take away little by little of the value of the product they make and sell. This is usually how they do it to start out with, but then as they can see that their customers are "stupid" and continue to buy into the products that are cheaper and are giving them less for more then the corporations can keep pushing to see how far they can go to deliver a mediocre product for a inflated price with little or no resale value. I worked in retail (Wal-Mart) and I see this terrible reality all the time in our products we sell. This retail company I work for is guilty of it itself especially in recent times. Sam Walton the founder of Wal-Mart would be spinning in his grave to know how his company is operating and supporting such things now. His quote was "The ultimate boss of our company is the customer, our number one goal at Wal-Mart is to serve the customers needs! If we fail to do so and betray and lose our customers we are NOT going to be in business!"

EXAMPLE: A 10 pack of Snickers mini candy bars used to be an average retail price of $0.98 in 2005 here in the USA. Come to 2010 it is $1.25 and you only get 8 bars instead of 10 per package. There are countless other examples I could go on and on about that most customers do not pay attention to seem or not care about. If you let the school bully keep having his way with you and you do not fight it or report it, he will CONTINUE to harass you and may even get worse with doing so, YOU SHOULD INSTEAD FIGHT IT OR REPORT IT! The same thing applies here to where EA, Blizzard, and several other commercial game developers are screwing the customer once again with mediocre, overpriced, and overrated products and now they have taken the next step to remove our freedom to choose how and when to USE and ENJOY the product that WE BUY from THEM.

Does anyone see the importance of the moral and ethical issue at hand here? Its a raping of our products and of the customers rights and freedoms which translates into YOUR rights and freedoms!<!--Session data-->

Here is some random footage of my personal experience from the 2009 Red Dawn Scenario Paintball Game. This is intended to be a reenactment of a fictional Soviet invasion of America seen in the 1980's movie "Red Dawn". I did a little experiment with an attempt to film most of the battles I participated in while also fighting in the battles at the same time. Footage may be a bit shaky but I still hope you will still enjoy the show!

Music composed by Frank Klepacki and songs are Featured in the popular real time strategy games Command & Conquer Red Alert 1 & 2!<!--Session data--><!--Session data--><!--Session data-->

Here is some random footage of my personal experience from the 2009 Oklahoma D-Day Paintball Game. The world famous D-Day Paintball Game is held in Wyandotte Oklahoma every June by the Bunker Extreme Paintball in honor of Military Veterans and active personnel. It recreates detailed events of the many battles fought during the Normandy invasion on June 6th 1944 during World War II. I showed many of the features of the park with many historical items, parades, real military vehicles and equipment, and customized paintball equipment for this epic game. I managed to record the start of the game until I ran out of memory on my SD card, plus I was too busy fighting the war for my country in this game.

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Here is a Memorial Video I personally made for the 20th Anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre. I spent two and a half days working on this. I hope you will please watch this video and learn more about this tragic event in our recent history, especially if you are Chinese or have Chinese friends. God Bless all of you... Thanks!


This is C&C Renegade which I have modified to use the ENB Shader
2.0! Effects are a but more subtle than what is being achieved with a
similar Mod which is being used in the C&C Generals Zero Hour Mod
Tiberian Dawn Redux...

Look here! Battle Mechs are becoming real!

Here is one:

Embedding was disabled so here is links to a US Army Exosuit Prototype and Mechanical Spider Mech:

US Army Exosuit Prototype:


Mechanical Spider Mech:



Testimony from Kane who simply said: "I see the future!"