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Been modding games for my personal play for years. Modded Star Trek Armada 1 & 2, all the C&C games, as well as Empire at War. Released a relatively small mod for TS & TW. Released a couple of models for Star Trek Armada, TS, Generals, TW, Empire at War, etc over the years, both kitbashed & originals. I was the creator of the mod Starship Troopers: The 1st Interstellar War for Empire at War Forces of Corruption. Just love to mod, model, & play. Cheers, Rebelmoon

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Got a new version of 3DS Max

Rebelmoon Blog

Let's see. I played around with 3ds Studio 4, started to seriously learn 3ds Studio Max r2, got fairly decent with 3ds Max 6, 3ds Max 8 helped my game modding, stuck with 3ds Max 9 for export options for gaming. Today I'm driving 3ds Max 2014. It's so much better, I Love It!

Unreleased Assets.

Rebelmoon Blog

A Starship Trooper Roleplaying group recently asked to use some of my ships to build game deck levels for their roleplaying community. Basically ship levels built according to how they would fit in the space of an actual ship layout. I thought that was a cool idea and have agreed to it. Of course I had to dig deep into drives that were no longer in my PC but finally found what I was looking for. While digging, I found a lot of my assets I had been developing for my SST EaW mod that never saw the light of day. Some improved ship designs and what land assets I had either built or recovered from members of the original mod. Several of those I had to clean up some overlapping faces, flipped normals, fairly minor stuff except for a few parts that I rebuilt due to it being easier than repairing but I rebuilt them exactly as they had been originally. They put a lot of work into those models so I didn't want to take away from that. Anyway, I decided to post some of those model images in case anyone was interested.


Rebelmoon Blog

Update 7-20-10

I've been trying to get back into modeling but am in a creative slump. I want to make some kind of cool capital ship but can't seem to get past the hump in development. The hump is what I call the point where it goes from a mish mash of primitives into something that has taken shape and needs refining.

I also have finished a FPS game called Singularity. This game hasn't really had a lot of promotion but it is a really solid shooter with various aspects taken from other games like Doom3, Bioshock and Timeshift. It's also bug free as far as my experience. It had zero crashes or glitches during the entire game. What is cool is what they call the TMD, which is the Time Manipulation Device. With this device you can age or renew objects and people among other things and is essential to move through some levels. The weapons are the standard fair except for the Seeker which when zoomed it allows you to become the bullet after firing. This is probably the coolest gun as you can fire it down an empty hallway and guide that sucker through doors and corridors to kill enemies even before they are anywhere near you. Luckily, or not, depending on how hard you want a game to be, this one weapon is not one you can carry with you through the whole game. It's just lying around in some areas with a limited amount of ammo and when you switch to one of the 2 guns you can carry in your inventory at a time the Seeker is dropped. As said you can only carry 2 guns at a time but there are weapon lockers placed around where you can reload and swap out your guns for any of the 5-6 types available. The Seeker is not one of those though. All in all It's a cool game with a mix of spookiness that a lot of folks like. It has 3 endings depending on what you do in the final choice and while I've read in reviews that the story wasn't that good, I found if you listen to the tape recorders laying around and keep in mind what you've seen, done and heard, it's really pretty cool.

Be sure and check out my Empire at War mod out here: Starship Troopers: 1st Interstellar War



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