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Hunt Down The Freeman

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Ok folks, I know that I was little bit ignorant and I'm not going to take the blame. I already seen one of the Hunt Down The Freeman gameplay . The truth is, this fangame is completely disappointed. I'm not a troll or a so called myself a hater, and I'm not part of those haters who like to criticize this game with trash talks and meme. The only thing that I criticize isn't just stolen content. The only thing I criticize was the gameplay was completely wasn't balances, glitch levels, no objectives, no original Half Life music heard from every level, and confusing plot. The music was alright, and the cutscenes was little bit dramatically fine. Also, what with the gaming payment for 20 dollars? Why did this creator wanted a 20 dollars for this fangame for? Makes no senses. Honestly what I ever hate to say that. This mod have some little twerk with some glitches which need to be fixed, and gun need some new sounds. The levels need to be more detailed, and the characters of the military should used woodland camo (because Half Life takes place at the year 1999, current generation). I say this game was 6/10 average middle.

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