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Here are the rules for this channel: 1. Be respective to the owner of this channel. 2. Spamming and Trolling will not be tolerated. 3. If your a troll in this channel. Your comment will be deleted because of your behavior. 4. If your going to comment on my page. Please use respective comments ONLY! No misbehavior. 5. Whenever some people dislike my channel without any open minded explanation (not all dislikes comments were dumb). It seems that some people don't have the brain to think critically instead an quick guess. Everyone has disagree, but this isn't what I have in common with this so called dislike. NOTICES! If you don't like my channels. You don't have to hate them, and your going to waste time with people that you don't know. Chill out. 6. Debatable comments which turned out into a warzone will be suspended.


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