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New Game Project In The Works

Ratchet18O_o Blog

Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome.

This blog of mine, marks the first step towards moving into IndieDB and becoming a small time Indie Dev. For some time now I've bounced around this site and also ModDB, looking at new, upcoming games, fun Indie titles, and mods galore. Now however, I finally get to join in on all the fun, and create my own game. It's been a long time dream of mine to imagine, design, and build games; to be a large creative force in a form of entertainment that I've put so many hours into.

Since I was a child, computers have always intrigued me. Buttons were always cool. There was something about technology that was just fascinating to me. And growing up on games really fed that fire. I started thinking to myself, how cool it would be to make my own game, and that thought has always stuck with me. My problem was that I always thought far too large. I had wild daydreams about these mind-boggling, open-world maps and environments. Or highly in-depth and complicated gameplay and visual styles. But that was my problem - I had always imagined too much. I didn't understand the concept of starting small, and so whenever I'd try my hand at making a game, I'd fall flat on my face as if hit in the back of the head with a large rock that represented reality.

But I've changed my thinking now. I've finally realized, that to run, you need to walk, and to walk, you must first crawl. And so here I am, open-minded and ready to take on the challenge.

With me is a good friend of mine who has also had the dream of designing a game, and together we have created a team in which we will combine creative powers, and make something that we both enjoy and agree upon.

We have started work on our first game. It is currently untitled and still in concept stages, but it is there. I hope that in the coming days, I will have things to show and excite you, because I myself am very excited about it all. So stay tuned because I will be updating my profile soon, and hopefully will be adding us as a dev into IndieDB, and soon after will be adding our game in.

So wish us luck! We're excited to get going with our plans, and show you our product.

-AJ / Ratchet18O_o

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