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British remote working freelancer specialising in applications and games for the following platforms: Java (15 years), J2ME /Java Me (10 years), Android (3 years), Windows Phone 7 (1 year). Available to hire now for remote freelance and contract work.

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Genocide Dolphins 0.8.8 - First working mission & AI (+ new music)

radiantsilverlabs Blog

I have been hard at work on an actual mission, something that makes it a real game :) I have not even played the main level for over a month since IGF. All of my efforts have been in building an entirely new level which can host a mission that will make it into the final game. I have been experimenting a lot with stealth, slow motion, AI and generally how to make things engaging and give the player many multiple ways to complete the level. Here even if you do not know there is a shotgun behind the bar you can still win using stealth, "claymore dice" and "La bomba" (dynamite). Obviously still very work in progress but I feel like I am almost unstoppable with Unity now, it is my fave piece of software on the planet, and for very good reason. This demo features ParagonAI (fan bloody-tastic!!), UFPS, Adventure Creator and more! The music is by the very excellent "Jon of the Shred" whose sound cloud can be found here: Soundcloud.com
His music adds a very eerie/scary and Manhunt style feel to this level, without it the tension is much lower, so I really love this tune. Also I want to say that in this video the enemies keep shouting "I've seen him!" there is 4 samples to choose from currently, it is pure bad luck they all kept saying that and made things seem a bit unprofessional, which is shame because when it uses them properly it seems quite pro. Anyway all voices are place holder and will be replaced soon, with a much larger variety to choose from, hopefully some fans of the game will wish to do some voices once I have a template voice pack ready for download. Thanks for watching, please follow on Facebook:Facebook.com
PS, this is very work in progress, I expect to release a beta demo of this in the gd beta testers group on fb (Facebook.com ) on new years eve, so if you are interested join that group, I will be encouraging people to record themselves playing so I can use it as proper feedback.

The Dead Walk - my new 2D zombie game

radiantsilverlabs Blog

Hi folks, not much to say right now apart from the announce my new game - THE DEAD WALK. It is a 2D zombie platformer and is technically a sequel to an old Amiga game I made called Zombie Massacre (which in turn is a sequel to Ultimate Gloom). Please see this early Alpha teaser for a taste of things to come!

You can also see the development of this game by looking at this playlist (over 70 videos):

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