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RSS Much faster than an RX480 - FULL version! (see description) (view original)
Much faster than an RX480 - FULL version! (see description)
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Sakura Matou

AMD is a joke, half their drivers do not work with several games or programs and they love to over heat and have awful efficiency.

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Excogitatoris-Logica Author

Oh hey! I've managed to bring *you* out of borderline ModDB disappearance, and to comment in a crude edit I've posted? I'm humbled.
No, really. Long time I don't see you... anywhere. I do miss your posts and whatnot :)

About the whole "Nvidia vs AMD" trainwreck, I try my best to not take a biased stance, but given I have to SERIOUSLY stretch my budget to buy PC components on the local market (prices here are insane, say I go buy a GTX1070 now? "that'd be 870 dollars, thank you very much"), I end up leaning towards AMD simply because of the pricing.

If you ask me, except for situations like Ethereum mining rigs (or systems running on a really crummy generic psu), power efficiency is pretty much irrelevant. Most household appliances use up a LOT more power than a gaming comp, but that doesn't seem to concern nearly as many.

That, and things like the (original) "Much faster than an RX 480" graph, for example. Does Nvidia NEED to pull that kinda dirty moves? It's not like things aren't going good for 'em already.

Heat IS an issue with AMD, no arguments there. However, it's more than fixable on properly cooled non-reference cards. I've got a Gigabyte R9 380 with a generous overclock (180mhz core on top of the reference model clock) and it stays always below 70ºC, even at full load.
About driver compatibility? No idea tbh, I'm not much of a variety gamer and can't say I've done research on the subject. But yeah. That's my take on this.

Also: Wow, this ended up being a loooong post. I didn't originally mean to ramble (this much). Hope you don't mind xP

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As much as I want to see some competition to Intel and NVIDIA, the AMD is worse by every year. Even if I don't have almost any problem with the AMD I'm really disappointed by their latest hardware releases. The last good series was 200s. 300 has a lot of problems and 400 isn't so much good either.

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Sakura Matou

Sadly AMD ruined ATI of old...

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Yes, back then they were much better.

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Hastily edited in the bits Nvidia "forgot" in this chart: Cdn.wccftech.com
The GTX1060 starts off at $250, it better outperform a $200 card!

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