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I'm an aspiring artist primarily, hoping to eventually get involved in the gaming industry once I refine my skills for a few years. I'm an avid gamer and approach them with an intellectual and creative mindset when it comes to conjuring up ideas for my own. I'm also heavily involved in le parkour, music, film-making, martial arts, stunts, and many other things.

I'm currently involved in a few projects, most recently Vampire Slayer 2.0; a modification for Max Payne 2, which I am the conceptual artist & writer for. I'll be designing character poses, graphic novels, and have written the entire storyline for the mod. I may post up my progress depending on what the creators allow/prefer. I will not disclose information regarding the mod, so direct your queries to the rest of the VS team.

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Greeting,you dont know me but I saw that you like (and likely play) Urban Assault.

Im trying to revive this game alongside other people and i will use the ModDB for this purpose and posting images,videos and downloads.

Stay Tuned.

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Hi Dan.

A while back you gave a note to Bloblocks: a strange introspection.

I still have mitigated comments about this little game, some people really love it and find it innovating (see the reviews on Kongregate if you doubt it) and others obviously don't.

I was thinking about this today, maybe I could improve the game this year but where should I start?
The problem is I don't get feedback from those who don't like the game.

That's why I would be really interested by your input about why, in your opinion, my game sucks and how it could be improved :)

I will be happy to give you the game for review on iPad or Android if you have a tablet (I am not found of the phone version but you can try it on it too).

Please drop me a mail at laurent@labe.me


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Thanks for the watch fellow Aussie!

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Just had a look at your gallery. Good ideas, but one thing I waned to mention:

"Slayer - Character Sheet (WIP)"

The character with the big 2 handed sword is not balanced enough. He has got this big *** sword which is pretty cool, but he needs something to balance it with. Give him some sort of cool design item or weapon/shield in his other hand (not his mainhand) and you will see that it's more balanced and therefor looking even cooler.

Just a litle trick, keep up the good work ;)


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Myloman Creator

Yeahhh, you do realise I was working purely from a direct source. Therefore the output was dictated by 3D models, which have already been made. So it wasn't really up to me to alter such details..I appreciate the feedback of course. But if you check out the Vampire Slayer 2 mod on here, you'll see that the creators didn't intend for such a function. Thanks anyway man. My real gallery is on deviantart, not here.

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Hah awesome another parkour buff and aussie too..

Haven't had a run is so bloody long, best i could do was like turn palms on cars and rails and just got the king kong down before i moved into the bush where there is nowhere to jump around :/

Sounds like we got a bit in common lol, i'm a composer/musician and have been for about 9 years or more now, been doing parkour since before i even knew what it was.. been a modder for about 3 years now and hope to one day get into the games industry lol

Btw awesome concepts mate :)

Peace, Jenkins

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Myloman Creator

Haha, excellent! Good to see there are actually other aussie traceurs on moddb :P. Yeah I've been a bit slack too bud, but recently made a short film and got a lot of parkour in it. But hey don't forget that rural parkour can be just as good to work with, I'm sure you can find some awesome rock formations and trees depending on where you are. Give it a shot eh?
Yeah definitely sounds like we do, and I would love to hear some of your compositions if you allow it. I think I really wanna try out modding, I haven't got the know-how but if I teach myself I could make something of substance I think. But so far I too would love to end up in the gaming industry as an artist.
Thanks so much! Really appreciate it, although I don't think those drawings demonstrate my skill very well, seeing as they're roughs.

Anyway, thanks for dropping a line and don't be a stranger :).


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thx for watching my blog mate.


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Myloman Creator

Haha no worries man :P.

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No problem!

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