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Yndoril. Blog

Hey there, I'm back I guess

Not for long though, I'm here just to do some clean up

And checking out some old friends that I havent been in contact for so long

Anyhow I will update what has happened and what does it mean for this page very soon

Have a nice day everyone

Lay that pistol down

Yndoril. Blog

List of My Favorite Animes (Part 1 of 1?)

Yndoril. Blog 4 comments

I'm back, biches

Whoa it's been a while since the last time I checked ModDB... it was more than a month, I think. School has been making me real busy, and I mostly use my free time to practice CSGO and watch animes. And start from now things are gonna get even more intense which means I'll get busier, so I decided to write something here just to let you know that I'm still alive, and I'll probably do so occassionally later. I hope this wont be the last blog from me here in ModDB.

I've listed some of my favorite animes I've watched while I was venturing in animeland. If you're new into anime world and wanna start a series or two, these animes could be a baseline for you. Well here they are:


"El Psy Congroo"

Adapted from a visual novel with the same name, Steins;Gate is listed as one of the best anime out there. It has brilliant storyline which involves time travelling and real life references such as John Titor, CERN, 2channel, and other things as well. The soundtrack is very nice and the animation is not bad either (though it's pretty gloomy). I rate it tuturu/10.


"Yuu is too overpowered"

I've just finished this anime recently, so I'm still having a PASD (Post-Anime Stress Disorder). Yes, I made that up.
The story revolves around Yuu Otosaka who appears to have ability to get into other people's body for five seconds. He and Tomori, another power user, is on a mission to save all power users from scientists that are trying to harness their abilities. While the story is great, it was waaaaaaay too short [only 13 episodes riperino )':] and also left some plot holes. Beside that the visual is great and Tomori is just lovable... for me at least. I rate it need-more-episodes/10

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso

"Right in the feels"

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso tells us a story about Arima Kousei, a genius pianist who stopped playing because his mother passed away, which caused him to not being able to hear his piano. His life changes when Miyazono Kaori come into his life. He eventually return into his musical life together with Kaori. While it sounds pretty happy, it's gonna hit you right in the feel as soon as you're about to reach the last few episodes. Soundtrack is superb, visual is a bit weird for me but nothing too bad. I rate it ;___;7/10 for fuckin messed with my feeling.

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo

"It gave me PASD for a whole week"

Being one of the first anime I ever watched, it has a special place in my heart. The story is about Sorata Kanda who has just moved to Sakura Hall, somekind of dorm for weird and misfit students. The whole series is all about friendships, with some love triangle 'spices'. Great visual but okayish soundtracks. I rate it PASD/10

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

"Misunderstandings. Lots of misunderstandings"

One of the best romance-comedy anime I've watched. It begins with Chiyo Sakura, who has a crush to a mangaka Umetarou Nozaki, confessed her love to him. Nozaki mistakes her as a fan, so he gives her his autograph. Things getting even weirder as Chiyo becomes his assistant (because another misunderstandings), for they encounters more of their schoolmates. I rate it tandem bike/10.

One Punch Man

"One punch to kill them all"

The new guy in town. Pretty popular among the community, this anime is adapted from a manga with the same name. It is Saitama, a bald guy with hobby as a hero, who has the ability to kill his enemies with only one punch. Even though he has a very strong power, he finds his power to be boring, because all the fights he has lasts with only one punch from him. With his sidekick Genos, a cyborg, they joined Hero Association and climbs their rank to the top. I really recommend this for those who are looking for action-comedy type anime. I rate it one punch/10

+Tic Nee-San

"What. The. Fuck"

Wtf is going on here/10

Alright I think that's all for now. I might gonna do another part after I venture deeper into animeland later. Well then, sayonara guys!

Project Avachinsky - New Peripherals Roundup

Yndoril. Blog 1 comment

Project Avachinsky - Peripherals Roundup

Ahh... it's been a while since the last time I wrote a blog. And being active in ModDB.

Well for those who are wondering why I havent been active lately, my internet was going through a problem that makes it pretty much nerfed down. This problem was going on from July to August, when we finally called up the technician. I hope I'll be more active again and contribute more to this site soon enough.

Now let's get back to Avachinsky. I remember on the blog before this I hoped that I'd get GTX 960 around the end of the year. Turns out my plan got rekt because my mouse was broken and I have to find a replacement asap. And start from there, I think 'Why dont I replace all my old peripherals until the end of the year and then get Pascal (or AMD's next-gen gpu) by next year?' Start from there I changed my goal to replace my peripherals until the end of the year.

Well so far I've got these three stuffs: Logitech G G300s, Steelseries QcK Mini, and Rapoo V500 Kailh Mechanical Keyboard. I'll do some overviews and quick reviews about them below.

Dat goofy doll is a present from someone special :')

Logitech G G300s & SteelSeries QcK Mini

You guys should've known Logitech, right? An awesome company with awesome line of products (sellout confirmed?) that is based on Switzerland. Logitech has their own gaming division called Logitech G, which is focused more on making the best peripherals for gaming. We're going to take a look at one of the Logitech G's low end product, the G300s.

For G300 owners, yeah this is the exact mouse that you're using right now. G300s is a rebrand (?) of G300 with new color scheme and Logitech G logo etched on it. The mouse features ambidextrous shape which is an advantage for left handers and 9 programmable buttons. Yes, a low end product with 9 programmable buttons that mostly will go to waste. Kinda funny tho, the side buttons are not actually on the side but on the top. This reminds me of a Roccat mouse that I dunno what the name is. Beside those, this mouse also has led lighting that is interchangable depends on what profile you're using.

Let's go deeper into functionality. This mouse supports interchangable 400-2500 dpi thanks to its gaming grade sensor. Users can also change its polling rate, and being able to program all the button to a certain command under a game profile. All can be done by Logitech's Gaming Software.

Overall this mouse is very responsive. I've been using this for a while and I must say I'd recommend this to other budget-minded gamers that needs bang-for-bucks mouse. The downside was probably its small size tho. Even for my small hands it's still a bit small. Often times I'd go into fingertip grip unwillingly because of its small size.

Well about SteelSeries QcK Mini. I dont have anything much to say about it, but overall it's a good experince. Tho it's not as anti-slip as they advertised.

Rapoo V500 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Ahh a mechanical keyboard. The most favored type of keyboard for gamers and typist alike. Some people here might gonna see this as a 'premium' keyboard, and it's no wonder. Most mech keyboardS would have sky high prices even on their lower end products. What makes a mechanical keyboard so special tho? With its unique feel of feedback, and many times more durable than your normal rubber dome keyboard, and super fast response, those features justified the price of a mech keyboard.

You guys might be unfamiliar with Rapoo. Dont worry, me too. There arent a lot of information of what Rapoo is (or how to pronounce the name), but there are some info around the internet about Rapoo V500 gaming keyboard. This keyboard, unlike most mechanical keyboard, uses Kailh switches instead of Cherry MX switches. Kailh is a Chinese clone of Cherry MX, therefore Kailh switches are compatible with MX keycaps. Kailh is considered cheap alternative to Cherry MX, tho right now Razer are well known for using Kailh switches and rename it as 'Razer switches.'

V500 uses Kailh Yellow Switches (now Kailh Red Switches) that are similar with Cherry MX Red. Overall, I feel like it's a bit mushy and there are inconsistencies with the actuation across all keys. But I guess that's what you get for the price. It's like $30 cheaper than Ducky Zero. It's also come with windows lock key and fully programmable keys that can be configured through its driver. It's also TKL keyboard, so it doesnt take too much space on your desk and pretty much compact to be brought for LAN parties.

I wouldnt say this is bad tho. The more I'm getting used to this, the more I feel like I like it. I'd recommend this for those who wants a mech keyboard but restricted in budget. Tho you might not gonna experince the 'true' mech keyboard feels everyone are talking about.

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No fanservice this time. Instead, look at this while listening to any song:

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Project Avachinsky - Brief History, Raijintek Pallas, ThermalTake Commander FX

Yndoril. Blog

Project Avachinsky - A brief history

Few years ago, a young man had a very old PC. A PC that can do nothing but to lag and to crash. Being able to watch newest game gameplay on the internet was a bliss for him. But inside, he envy those people who were able to play those games. So he set a dream, that one day he will build his dream PC and play all the new games that's coming out, being one with its community, and to show the world that he's able to catch his dream.

Lel that was cliche. Although most of it are true. So yeah, I used to have a very old PC, and some of you guys might have witnessed how old it was (especially you, Tactical_Injustice). It was a Pentium 4 PC, with only 2 gigs of RAM (it was upgraded, before it only had 1 GB), 320GB hard drive (which I'm still using now) and Nvidia GeForce 9500GT (my first upgrade ever). At some point I bought new power supply (Xigmatek NRP-VC403) because my OEM power supply couldnt handle the graphic card. It was build around 2006 I think, and lasted until 2014 with minor changes over the years. With that rig I was able to play TF2, BF2, and COD 4 on an okayish frame rates, and most of the time low to medium settings. Can it run Crysis? Actually it could lel. But yeah on some level the framerate was unpleasant.

Around mid 2014 I finally able to majorly upgrade my PC. With shallow knowledge I had about PC parts, I decided to go with AMD A4-5300, thinking that because it's dual core it should be comparable to i3 (which is not, I know nothing back then XD). I also bought cheap motherboard and RAM that I'm still using until now. With that PC, I saw a major improvement on TF2, and it was a bliss for me. But then I tried Battlefield 3, and then I experinced major lags all over the game. From that point I realized that my computer is still not good enough, and I did a deep research ever since. Oh and at some point my 9500GT died after extensive modding of Skyrim lel.

Late 2014, I've got myself a new processor (and graphic card), AMD A8-5600K. I know it's not particularly good, but it was a major improvement from A4-5300. Entering the quad-core level performance, I'm amazed with the fact that it could run some newer games like Watch_Dogs, AC Black Flag, Battlefield 4, and some other games with medium settings and playable framerate over 720p resolution, that is also without any discrete graphic.

So far this year, I've bought some minor stuff like cooler (Raijintek Pallas), case (Corsair Carbide SPEC-02), and fan hub (ThermalTake Commander FX) that I'll cover two of them below. My next target is to get a new graphic card, probably GTX 960 due to power supply limitation. I hope I can see this card sitting on my rig late 2015. Wish me luck!

Well I think that's all the not really brief history about my PC, Avachinsky. So yeah, I've been through a lot of things. And I'll never stop upgrading this PC, so I can fulfill my dream. Stay tune for more things about Avachinsky XD

Heyyo, this time I'll cover my two recent purchase for Avachinsky, which consist of Raijintek Pallas (air cooler) and ThermalTake Commander FX (Fan hub). If you want to build a pc or buy some pc parts, I suggest you to take a look at these two things :>

Raijintek Pallas

Before I bought this, I was deeply dissapointed with AMD stock cooler. I mean cmon, stock clock speed with stock voltage can reach thermal margin under 1 degree C with Prime95 test? And the sound was loud like a jet engine. I can hear the fan spinning even when I wear my headphone. Then I realized that I need a new cooler.

(Thermal margin is the gap between the processor temperature and max temperature, used in AMD Overdrive software. So yeah, my processor was only under 1 degree C from its maximum temp)

At first this wasnt my choice. My choice was Cooler Master Hyper D92, a small cooler with exceptional cooling capacity and badass looking. I didnt choose Hyper 212 and its spawns because it was too big for my SPEC case, although some legends said that some people able to fit it in their SPEC case. Back to the topic, when I went to my local computer mall and they said all the Hyper D92 were empty. I checked many shops and all of them ran out of stock.

On the last shop I checked, I decided to go with another cooler. I tried to make quick choice, and saw this Raijintek Pallas low profile cooler, and they added 'Germany brand' after the cooler's name. Without thinking too long I decided to get this cooler, thinking that 'if it's Germany it's good'. Top kek.

At home, I was dissapointed with the installation. It was a pain in the hand, and literally pain in the hand beacuse the heatsink cut through my finger when I tried to adjust the mounting hole that wasnt positioned right. I had to do many trials and errors to get the mounting holes right. After that, another problem came. The fan clip was too short, I was only able to clip only one before I put brute force and pliers into the fight. And finally, because the heatsink was too big, it blocked the 4 pin cpu_fan slot. I had to blindly plug it and it was so damn hard to do. But when everything was placed correctly, I ran the PC and checked the temp. 28 degree C of thermal margin with Prime95 test. Damn that's awesome. Then I overclocked my processor from 3.6GHz at 1.3v to 4.2GHz at 1.34v, then tested it again. 20 degree C of thermal margin. Daaaaamn that's even more awesome. So yeah, I think it's worth it. I recommend this cooler for anyone who needs small cooler, tho remember to plug anything on the motherboard (including the included fan) before installing the heatsink.

ThermalTake Commander FX Fan Hub

Next is ThermalTake Commander FX Hub. This thing does a simple job, connecting all of your fan into one hub and then power it with SATA cable from power supply. It could contain up to ten 3-pin fans, and it also has blue lighting in the middle. The packaging contains velcro tape so you can mount it basically everywhere inside your case lel. Installation is simple, and the price is quite cheap also. The downside maybe only its blue LED light, but whatever. It's not that bad. I recommend it for people who has so many fans (pun intended?) and their motherboard does not support too much fans, or for you who likes to manage things.

So yeah, it was pretty long but I hope you enjoyed it lel. We'll meet again next time I get new parts for Avachinsky.

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Game Ideas and Random Things

Yndoril. Blog 3 comments


According to a legend, Three years ago on the April Fool's day, a random fool joined this site. From that day on, this fool wandered around this site everyday, rekting every hardscoper blokes on his sight. He was also rumored to be a pleb ranking illoominati member, an avid katana collector, and a well known MLG (Major Lag Gamer).

Today, many people still believe this random fool still lurking on this site, 360noscoping whoever crosses his path.

Eyy b0ss.

Gibe da pusi b0ss.


k stop.

So I'm here to share something with you guys. I want to share my 'game ideas'. Most of these ideas are silly, so if you want to laugh help yourself xD

Leeeeet's begin

  1. A zombie apocalypse game, similar to DayZ, but! Set in metropolitan city. Why? Why not. This one has been in my mind for quite long time. Set after nuclear exchange between superpower countries, the whole northern hemisphere suffered nuclear winter. This nuclear winter spread as far as equator, which caused the whole city's temperature drop drasticly, while taking many lives. In the middle of this chaos, a zombie outbreak happened. This is where the game take event.
    Not only you have to survive zombie outbreak, you also have to survive the winter. It's not just that, the zombie has unique ability: hive mind. This way, it wouldnt be only just the horror of stupid zombie chasing you 24/7, but also the psychological horror. Before you encounter zombies, you'll hear somekind of noises and have some visions, then suddenly a zombie out of nowhere.
    Also the zombie fighting wouldnt be only just shoot or slashing all the time, there are quick-time events to make the combat has more diversity. There are other things I would like to add, but I'm too lazy to write it so I wrote the important ones.

  2. (Again) a zombie apocalypse game (I know... I have limited creativism), set in victorian era London. This idea still wip. But somehow it feels like Order 1886 with less cutscenes.

  3. Assassin's Creed in Indonesia. Yes, I know. It's like the dream of every Assassin's Creed fans around the world to have AC game set in their country. I'll add one more to it >:D
    Fyi Indonesia was settled by the Dutch for like 350 years. An AC game set in Batavia would be great, and since Indonesia is an archipelago country we can also add naval battle to it.
    For main character, I've been thinking that character from Dutch side would be kinda good, outfit wise (well you know, Indonesian outfits in that era is ehh.... welp let's just say it's not pretty good). Born half-Dutch half-Javanese, this assassin saw and felt the suffering of local people, and in the end fight with them. I couldnt think the right era to be set tho, since major fights happens mostly outside Batavia.

    Anything related to Precursor artifacts could be linked with Borobudur temple or somewhere in Padang, since both two places were shown in Altair's pieces of eden map.

Welp I think that's it for now, maybe if I have other game ideas I'll share it.... or not. Whatever.

Have a nice day!

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A leap of faith

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A leap of faith

Yndoril. Blog


Because the placement of ads on ModDB prevents me from getting a good bottom header, I have to take a leap of faith to make over my page.

rip in pepperoni, my beloved header.

Oh hi there, it's me Alan or well known as PetrukStark. As you can see here, I've done a make over for my page. It's a pain in the butt, but I think kinda worth it. At least now Desura and IndieDB wont have obstructive header.

Well guys, prepare your popcorns and soda. You're about to watch read the short history of me on this website.

The Beginning of an Epic Journey

Three years ago, I was trying to find a way to play cracked COD4 multiplayer. I didnt know it was possible to play COD4 multiplayer with cracked version, so I went on the internet to find if I can play with bots. I thought it wouldnt be possible, but I did wrong. I discovered a great mod called PezBot, which already dead by now. It was a great mod, but comes with much flaws. I decided to share my suggestion to the modder, and voila! I joined ModDB. And that was the time when I sold my soul to ModDB.

First Submission

When I joined ModDB I already know basic things how to edit ENBSeries, and ended up made this. I was so hyped about it, up to the point that I'd smile like crazy bloke everytime the download increased by 1 person. It was also feels good when I tried to help someone that troubled with my mod, and start from there I started to stroll around the ModDB, until I found the Battlefield 2 mod section.

Me, MrRious Hardcore Mod, and the Skype

Battlefield 2 mod section was a paradise for me. There were so much Battlefield 2 mods that I can pick off. But because I'm kinda perfectionist, none of the mod would satisfy me. I ended up compiled some mods into one private mod.

At some point I also uploaded addons for Battlefield 2 like ENB and MrRious Tweaked Soldier, which the later is the foundation of a greater mod that I'll made later. From the ENB part, I found a friend from my own country, Simcardo (at this time he was talking normally, and formally which I find funny now). From this point, together we founded (or was I alone?) MrRious Hardcore Mod, with him as texture artist and me as a coder.

As the time goes, we added new features that, well I can say different from the others. Also Simcardo introduced BC2-style HUD on my mod, that now is adopted by Alpha Project. Time goes on, I started to stop my modding because I was bored with BF2, and after reinstalling OS I stopped modding entirely. That time I spent making the mod, interacting with users, making new contents, etc it was a good time, and I miss that time actually :')

Simcardo also introduced me to something that really changed my life: Skype group. First time I went there, I was really innocent and shits. I avoided 'dirty' talks and defended something that is not entirely right. And stupid things also. Lel. I also had a really bad english at that time, but they seems okay with that so my bad english is stuck with me until now xD

Time goes, and my life changed. I'm more open to other point of view, I've got knowledges that I wouldnt know if I havent been there, I also got support from them when I had problem with love and life. There are great people in there, like _w_ and Bisszy, who have minds that are incomprehensible by normal human, Tactical_Justice whom I've met in real life, Peacekeeper, KinQQz, Gumwars850, Frosthound, Rick, Akmal, Dity, and other great guys. Those guys changed how I think and Those guys rocks!

In the end, I want to thank you to ModDB for changing my life. If werent for this site, I wouldnt have all these good memories. Welp then, thank you and congratulations on wasting your time for this long, unimportant grumps. See ya! :p

Anyway dont hesitate leave a comment or PM me if you want to talk about smthg with me. Selamat tinggal!

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Yndoril. Blog 6 comments

About Me

If you see this message that means.... that means nothing.

It's me PetrukStark, or Alan, or PeSt, or Alanschluss, or Jamal, it's up to you what do you want to call me with. But probably I won't notice.

So you can see now... I've updated my blog. This time I'm just gonna explain my self. You already know my name, so I'll skip that. I live in... well you can see it on the profile box on the right side of the page. My hobby is... should I explain? It's pretty obvious why am I here for. My birthday is.... sekrit. Do I like reading books? Yeah I like books.... I lied. I never finished any books I read recently, even if it has good story etc. What music do I like? Well you probably hearing it right now. I like muse too tho.

Enough with me, lemme introduce my precious toaster (UPDATED BICHES):

Mobo ECS A55F2-M3
AMD A8-5600K Trinity 3.6Ghz Quad-Core Piledriver
Visipro 8(2x4)GB DDR3 1600mhz RAM
AMD Radeon HD 7560D 1GB
A random HDD 320GB
Windows 8

Games I played so far (UPDATED AGAIN BICHES)

Battlefield 2 Singleplayer/Multiplayer ([KSKS] TehDunce)
Call of Duty 4 Singleplayer/Multiplayer (SupriMan)
Counter Strike Source Singleplayer
H.A.W.X Singleplayer
Crysis Singleplayer
Medal of Honor: Airborne Singleplayer
The Sims 3 -> yes, dat is true.
Tap a Jam
MotoGP URT 3
Battlefield 2142 Singleplayer
Need For Speed Most Wanted (2005)
Need For Speen Underground 2
Crysis Warhead
ArmA : Armed Assault
Dead Space
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
Need for Speed World [Add me: spoterker102 | APEX US]
World in Conflict
The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind
Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2
Ages of Empires 2
Crazy Kart 2 Indonesia (azumamaro966)
Fallout 3
Lord of the Rings Online
Team Fortress 2 [Steam : PetrukStark]
Battlefield 3 [Origin: PetrukStark]
Battlefield: Bad Company 2
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
Assassin's Creed III
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Half of my games is cracked, because is hard to find legit PC games seller in my city, and because the price is too damn high :P

Anyway if you want a page like me, go check this tutorial (courtesy of [TZP]LoNer1) click me doe

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