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Aspiring Game developer. Created Paddle Balls, available on iOS, Android, and PC.

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In these devlogs, I will show you the development process from start to finish, for an archery game. Before I begin developing, I like to brainstorm ideas and create a Game Design Document (GDD). Here is a link to a template GDD. This post will consist of adding a target spawner and target follow, new input system, and cinemachine.

Let's get started!

Hello gamers, it has been awhile. I have mainly been focusing on implementing the new input system, so it will be cross-platform. I have created the scripts to spawn and make the target follow around the player and updated the third person camera. I created the tilemap for training level with grass blocks, dirt blocks, rocks, grass, and trees/stumps. Also, here is a little life update: I just started a new job as a Programming & Game Development Instructor!

Target Spawner & Follow

At first, I had an idea to use a simple waypoint system for the targets to follow. This was not working after instantiating a target, so I decided to just make a target script that will rotate around the player at different speeds and locations. The target spawner script, spawns a target at a random location within a range I specified. If no targets are left another will spawn, until 10 targets spawned has been reached, at the moment. I will update this for different difficulty levels. Let's take a look:

Target Following the Player

New Input System

Next, I realized I was using the old input system and wanted to implement the new one. This took longer than expected, but I have now got the hang of it. This implementation will make porting to any platform easier. Here is some gameplay on an Xbox One Controller:

Controlling Player with Xbox One Controller

Cinemachine - Third Person Perspective

I have added the use of Cinemachine to control the third person cameras. It will move the camera's position as you look up and down for better view and transition to an aiming view. Some tweaking still needs to be done, but it is looking a lot better.

Third Person Cinemachine Camera


Added a simple rigidbody to this apple to apply some physics.

Apple being shot and physics applied.

What's Next?

  • Creating more voxel tiles for tilemapping
  • Creating more levels and new enemies
  • Fixing player slightly moving to left if standing still
  • Adding AI movements for target, knight and cyclops
  • And more...

Stay tuned!

Code for project here: Precision

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