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I recieve messages also i am on gmail yahoo darkonyx11 gmail darkonyx22 yahoo i would like to know how even a email with the 1.87 update been want to know the better version of the mod thats not broke or lagged cause its not injoyable with slow games also why do grads exist there way to strong fir a old version of artillery that does better than any other of same for other factions excluding heavy artillery for eca icbms nuke cannons why does usa have no large artillery unit or base defense not fire bases either even if its not precise neither is carpet bombs or a 10 full stirke it dies area damage both .... give us one of them two base def..or unit what happened to marines where are they and why did aurora bombers go away why couldnt the be turned into a newer super sonic bomber unit they exit why havent raptors gained anew look like king raptor version upgrade why does helichopters not cloaked with stealth at all why is there no anti infantry base defense for usa fire base should not be open at all should protect soldiers 100% from damage effects till destryod patriots are two small weak life foundations need to be hardened cyclops great slow not fast enough missile defense avenger are weak at killing missiles mlrs weak damage for being heavy air acvengers are stronger being light air your specter is cool looking veey slow needs faster firing is meant to deal as much damage as can in short time should level whole area before leaving or dieing does not using 1.86 you relise mob mother of all bombs is not prcise its mass damage why did gla lose there tunnel defenese it makes them look weak to soldiers soviet rpg defense not enough area damage to slow last thing why does combat bike have anti air thats not in its details should be ground based only its to strong that it can beat a defense or tank in damage it should have low damage on everything other then tanks only could your team add paradrop aurbourne for usa these are accements of your game i ask that they considered cause it was there before useful needed now all sides should be smart fight smart hard fair could you add a second super power for all sides that is used in a support way add 3 more general points to 10 give much better use if powers not just weak bits of a powers ability cause you ean out by your useful ones you still need more ...i could even give you foundations of them that are not krazy that would fit each side perfectly

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I need a link to newest rise mod you want talk about it then have a broke sire and link really how think anyone can tell uou anything with your link trashed loades to cabt determine your ip adress someone has blocked your site what the use of your updates ????

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well i finally was able to get in the lobby, but its saying three people are there however there isnt anyone there.

Nn my options meneu my ip is 192.168...... i cant get an ip starting with 10...

any ideas on this on how to get it to recognize the lobby that people are in.

again thanks for your help

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Do yo know how i can find the swr.net update i cant get online to play against other players.

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