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Paranoia 2: Savior

Game review

Definitely made by talented people.
Graphics are really pleasant. From a technical point, models, graphical effects are good.

The gameplay is perhaps what lacks this game. I really loved the iron sight with the pistols and the shotgun, but otherwise overall gameplay is quite boring. Too easy, not diversified. The helmet concealing the player 50% of his view is something I still can't understand. Why not a glass/reflection effet, but a black sheet across the screen is definitely not the good solution.
I also disliked the fact that we can't change weapon when we're reloading one. When I am reloading when a monster appears, I like to switch swiftly to a pistol for example. Weapon switching is in general too low for me.

However, this game is not that a gameplay game. To me, like Paranoia, it was more an exploration game, and this mod excels in this regard. We feel flung in the mod's universe, and that's why I enjoyed this mod!

To sum it up, Paranoia 2 is a very good exploration and immersive game!


Project Zomboid

Early access game review

Say it support Linux but no download for it.


Cry of Fear

Game review

Good mod.
Will be it possible to some big problems I have?
- Lan playing is difficult, we must use steam friendship to do that
- We can't see internet servers
- Why the 2D menu hasn't as options as the 3D one? It is confusing
- Sometimes the game crashes on multiplayer
Thanks to fix all theses problems!



Engine review - 4 agree

One of the best engines. Created for modding, it gave an variety of famous games like Counter-Strike, Day of Defeat and Team Fortress.

Today, unfortunately, its community and its modding scene is still unknown, mainly bbecause scattered in a lot of small websites. I think we should create a facebook group to gather this community. The content can be uploaded on ModDB, on a wiki, and a lot of other things. It just has to be well organized.

We have already that:

And a lot of other websites.


Naruto: Naiteki Kensei

Game review

Music during install? Really?
You can't even turn it down or cancel the install.

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