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Paranoia 2 Savior — first-person shooter in the style of survival horror, which is unfolding in a secret underground laboratory facility somewhere in Siberia. Events in the game will tell us about the secret developments and research (which will induce fear in some certain players, while in others will awaken interest to dig deeper and find out what is fact and what is myth) that have been fought in an underground research complex «KROT», and the accident — that was taking place over 20 years ago and its bloody trail in modern gaming universe.

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People play games, read books, watch movies, for the solely reason: experience emotions. There are a wide range of different ones. A few of these are positive and keep us feeding what the brain wants. However on this game, 90% of the time I experienced frustration, confusion, boredom and anger.

Level design, while decent, doesn't give the player proper visual clues. Most of the time is uninspired and fails to set the mood properly.

The combat aspect was improved, and broken, at the same time. Iron sights do not work properly. The AI (which is default HL one) fails to deliver and most of the time I played, it glitched. There's plenty of ammo to spare, and most of the zombies are not a threat at all. No tension, no nothing.

Story wise, it was a good shot but executed poorly. And the ending left me with confusion. We don't want open endings and ambiguety, we need proper resolution for the characters, so we think our time spent was worth it.

Of course there are new graphical effects which are very welcome (except that drunk camera -- gosh), but aside that, there's not much interesting content.

I really wanted to like this project given all the talented people who worked on it, but delivering a good game is always hard. It's a pity, because most of the issues could have been fixed, with some additional development time.

I hope the devs can read the players' feedback and provide an additional patch, with fixes, for future players.


Please note that I have finished the game in "Medium" between 4 and 6 hours, no I didn't speedran the game, I took time to explore.

Pros :

- Updates on the engine, the usage of Xash3D/XashXT and maybe stuff from other mods is well done.

- The details of maps and the integration of some parts from the first PARANOIA.

- Good respect of the PARANOIA's universe, the locations, the atmosphere...

- Zombies behaviour, you think they are weak but if they catch you, they are strong ^_^

Cons :

- The AI was sometimes like WTF, zombies not moving, friend which is being slapped to death and don't care about saving himself are exemples of those WTF situations I had during my playthrough.

- Some FPS drop on some maps, the laboratory one is a good example, I don't know what was causing this issue.

- Many FPS games suffer from this : ironsights for all weapons except pistols and the PKP are useless, hip firing was enough, I also think that the Depth of Field is too exagerated and eyes seems to be too far from the weapon.

- In my opinion, weapons damages were not balanced, the rifles were OP, the pistols were weak. If I remember correctly, the first PARANOIA also had that issue

- Everything is not translated in English, some stuff is still in Russian.

- The last radio communications were too loud and harmed my ears, the first one had the perfect volume.

- Few presence of clones, the game consists of 95% of zombies/specimens and 5% of clones.

- Few auto saves in my opinion, I died at the first encounter with clones and had to make again a 5 min walk time.

- Sprint is useless, sorry for being direct, but a 3 sec sprint for x1.2 speed movement is not a sprint.

To make this short : PARANOIA 2 Savior is a good game, it could have been perfect if developers took the time to polish it. Fans of the first game will like it but I think they will be a bit disappointed. But try it yourself to see if you like it ^_^

UPDATE 16/03/15 : Replaced the word "terrorist" by "clone", thanks JohnSmirnov.


Irespawnoften says

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I don't think P2 is as good as P1, but I'm happy that it exists.

P2 picks up more or less right after the first, and it's not long until you find yourself deep underground bumping shoulders at the things that go bump in the night. This time around however, most of the monsters have been striped out and replaced with a generic zombie model, a few of which are still holding onto their weapons.
The only things close to the mutants of P1 are the new spiders, which make a brief appearance before being forgotten, and a type of zombie that makes a habit of throwing your gun across the room.
The standout of the new enemy roster is the new female zombie, with one certifiably creepy wake up animation, and an unsettling tendency of calmly striding toward you while it stares down at you with it's shining eyes.
Lastly, the clones also make a brief appearance at the end, shooting at you once again for reasons I'm not entirely sure of.

Weapons have been tweaked, now boasting spiffy new models and quality animations at the expense of not being able to hit the broad side of a barn. Iron sights are pretty much useless, and shooting from the hip is only marginally better.
The only gun that seems to shoot roughly where you point it is the RPK, which is great for my love of all things LMG, but boring for actual game play. Worst of these is a tie between the shotgun and the sniper rifle, the former just blows hot air, and the latter I'm pretty sure shot something behind me once.

Speaking of the sniper rifle, what the hell was up with the secret area you can first find it in? There's off the beaten track, and then there's not even in the same country anymore. I must have spent a good half hour trying to figure out where I was supposed to go from there the first time I played. Also on the subject of hidden items and areas, I'm pretty sure the groza exists, but I never found it despite drowning in grenades for it. The other possibility is that I'm just blind.


At the end of the day, I think the best way to describe Paranoia 2 is with an indecisive "alright" and a shrug. Play it if you loved the first one.


Hezus says

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Visually, this is game is a great achievement! Everything breaths 80's and 90's USSR style and it's full of small details. Map layouts are a bit straight-forward but still offer a realistic feeling. The engine can't hold up with today's tech, but gets close to Source, although performance and stability needs to be improved. This is really how far you can push this old cart.

And then gameplay. The AI is stale and offer no challenge even on Difficult. Some monsters just don't make any sense (huge spiders? 0_o) or where you have to crush a giant. He just redicilously runs around following you and when you finaly get to crush him under a pounder (which are there for what reason? It's not a factory..) he just disappears into small gibs. The game could have done without this 'boss fight'. Also, the infected soldiers (I guess that's what they are?) don't make any sense. The virus makes them brainless zombies, so why can they use weapons and tactics?

Also, finding certain objects is a pain in the @ss. There's a clever system indicating which items can be interacted with, but for some wierd reason certain vital items are not included in this system. And so you walk around for 15 minutes finding a certain piece of paper in a hall full of paper. Anyone found that keycard in under 10 minutes?

Story is also very thin with characters popping up all of a sudden. I press a button on a pc and suddenly a cutscene comes up and there's a surving scientist.. who's been there for 20 years? Who is she? What? Where? Then the start and end in the hospital seems like something 'borrowed' from a certain movie.

Clearly, there are some really talented people on this team. Visuals and audio are great! But the 'underground-lab-virus-outbreak-zombie-thing has been done a 100 times now. For Paranoia 3, have a sit-down and a drink and come up with something new, something fresh: story-wise and gameplay-wise. Take all you know about zombie-outbreak games and movies, then turn it around, shake it up and lets see what comes out.

Кроме долгой загрузки уровней, претензий к игре у меня нет. Хорошее продолжение хорошего мода. Концовка, правда, открытая.

I like the game, the models are nice, storyline's a buster, i have problems with the glasses ingame though, i can't see through them which is annoying.. but it has to do with my specs anyway. sorry i cant say much things, but this game's a must-download!

*Review is To be Changed*

Great game. It is little bit laggy and glitchy, but it is still awesome. I think that the biggest problem is engine. Loading of maps is too long, but it is not that big problem. I hope that patch will repair this.

Hearing loss inducing loud Weapon sounds, bad voice acting, Zombies so slow they never will be a threat, zombies with guns, and at some point even a fetchquest. I played this game for an hour and there wasn´t even a reason to shoot because companion AI´s constantly accompanied you.
Among other things.


Immersia who make Paranoia 2 is unbelievable. Althought is short exploration post soviet undergraund laboratory take great expirience. Arsenal is tipical for this seting but its nice. Sometimes Paranoia is smilar to walking simulator than FPS but in oldschool horror this is advantage.

Really disappointing follow up to the great original game. Misses the mark on everything that made the original great.

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