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I make things and play games. I'm a fan of interesting mixes and twists between established concepts and ideas.

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Enhancers - Crazy passive abilities that have effects on the entire arena, were planned from the start, and it ended up being about two years before they were implemented. The idea behind them is that as you unlock more, you can further customize your arena runs with defensive or high risk level modifiers.

The ones you unlock early lean more towards the defensive side to allow players to have more options if they start to have difficulty, such as guardian angel, which effectively gives you a second life if you die or fall off the arena. This can be compared to vengeful angel, which is unlocked a bit later and is a more risky defensive enhancer. With GA simply giving you full health if you die one time, VA will make you immune on 1 health and rain fire for 10 seconds, forcing you to have to capitalize on the borrowed time or be left with 1 health for the rest of the wave.

Vengeful Angel also regenerates every 10 waves, whereas GA is one time due to it being a more instant defensive bonus. Abilities that directly affect a unit are represented in game with visuals. Such as a halo for guardian angel and flaming wings for vengeful angel. Having the ability to use up to 5 different enhancers allows the player to really customize them as they unlock more, from going with full defensive with the angel enhancers and other defensive bonuses, to insane risk for power with things like Deathwish, which as the name suggests, is pure risk for reward. There are also innate combos which can have some pretty great - and deadly effects, such as the combination of boss slayer which forces bosses to be champions, and legend hunter, which forces all champion enemies to become legendary enemies... Leading to some very, very, scary boss fights.

If you take the risk, you're rewarded throughout your run with loot and passive luck bonuses and with exp. I always factor risk vs reward in these decisions to get the best array of choices for the player. Always factoring in risk vs reward in decisions can increase the outcome for the better in almost all cases.

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