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-Grimlock- Creator

strategy games..
what is a GOOD STRATEGY GAME defined by?
of course we all love astonishing graphics and banging effects.
a big and great arsenal,options,active abilities,powers, diverse aproaches, a tactical feeling that you`re in command like all your choices matter in form of tech trees, upgrades, research, unit choises, variety of units.
(the latter we really dont get nowadays)

the former ( by itself)... is like a beautiful hot woman.. that can`t cook,
has no persona of a woman but the looks... and you cant even get personal with her if you catch my drift.
ALL utterly meaningles if you dont have the latter mentioned.
i always believed that it is more to it than two units run up each other and its like paper scissor rock, or who shoots first. NO theres got to be MORe theres always MORE.

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-Grimlock- Creator

mod ONE VISION for kanes wrath has an official release date
11th of june 2018!

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-Grimlock- Creator


i might do a tutorial about tweeking some of your fav mods
to make them even more interesting (if possible)

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-Grimlock- Creator

we have some goodies..and some suckas -.-`

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-Grimlock- Creator

who would work @gamestar?
you know for testing,judging recommending/or destroying basically

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-Grimlock- Creator

if you`re not playing on FAF, and encounter crashes all the time when playing with multiple mods,on large maps,unit cap up to 1000,or multiple ai`s HERE IS SOMETHING THAT SHOULD HELP YOU

-when starting the game on your starting screen in the up right corner your version of the game is displayed, it should be 1.5.3599 (the latest patch)(that is not FAF related) wich fixes memory allocator bugs)
if yours is below the latest get this: Patches-scrolls.com
if you`re having another version than 1.5.3596 maybe (98)..google.. you get the idea..
a small patch but adresses exactly the crashing problem..

-also get the 4gb patch for win64
Ntcore.com <<you use it and browse to your exe location or modenabler if you do have one (make a backup)( the patch does it anyway but you would need to rewrite it..)
some say it helps other say it doesn`t,..i say it won`t hurt^^
maybe some of them had a bad CPU..

-last and least
there are things you can do in your ingame option settings that will minimize crashes.. such as
1 turning off antialiasing
2 *turning off range circles/ both will boost your frames per second (wich helps the performance) if you don`t want go without range circles than turn the other off

-setting your graphics low will help to, but not as much as the other two mentioned

ALL THIS helps, especially when playing with multiple mods,on large maps,with lots of units
i am now running evenmore mods (the game crashs sometimes still) but far less than it used to

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-Grimlock- Creator

ok let`s see..
we have ROTR intrnl beta 1.87
contra009 beta2
kanes wrath one vision is close..
tiberium essence show some vital signs..
SCFA brewlan had a little update..
and OFS new beta is yet to come

look out for
halo wars 2
dawn of war 3
sadly thats it so far..

but theres dead by daylight,and friday the 13th for some killing/surviving multiplayer fun
TWD a new frontier with two episodes so far..(they just short af -.-)

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-Grimlock- Creator

merry late christmas everybody!

im afraid there ain`t too much left to share these last days of the year
one last little gift is my WORD OF THE YEAR for 2016
i want you to share it with everyone that is in need of it
SO, my word of the year is *drumm roll*


it`s a hybrid word.. a coalescence of both, the words liberal and retard


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-Grimlock- Creator

News of the day


is that so?
i hope my article on how to make good strategy games i posted (in just the right places) beared some fruit
"development will be under a new game company"
get some advice from people in gaming communitys,gammers/modders so forth
our hopes are high

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-Grimlock- Creator

maybe i should do a youtube video tutorial for modding zero hour
maybe i should do lets plays to

if YOU get lost here..read this..and would like me to..let me know

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See you on youtube, i guess?

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-Grimlock- Creator

yes, but im so busy,all over the place..
i will announce the news where by you from then on can behold my countenance and my resounding speeches!

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