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This is not really a rant but rather my addition to the din, if you will, of several aspects with some associated attributes.

First and for most is if you dont support linux you wont see cash from me.
Second if its drm again no cash.
Thirdly if you dont provide a functioning demo for a test run you also wont see cash.

Now another important aspect is that your demo must work. Outside desura I have heard the "Well the full version works.". Too bad. If you cant be bothered with a functioning demo then I suspect you can hardly, if at all, bother with a functioning full version. Even if it means you charge and extra dollar for the full version you MUST provide a working demo.

Also if you are going to produce for linux it has to be on par with its counter parts. None of this feature X is in windows but not Linux. If you dont have resources to create the full game in linux or encountered some show stopper incompatibility dont bother. Its not a matter of being ungrateful its a matter of being a consumer. I want my banana to taste like a banana irregardless of the grocery cart I happen to haul it in. I would rather see no software for linux as opposed to "crippled" software. Likewise Id rather see more time in the "other os" versions as opposed to semi-linux versions.

Just my 67 cents.

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