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Knowledge of c++ and javascript, teaching myself 3D Modeling and concept art. Constantly tricking around in unity trying to make a game. So far with a few successful prototypes picking up things as I go.

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Hey guys
Today I want to talk about how large a task game development is, the problems associated, the skills needed and to see how many other people are encountering the same things. I'm going to use the game which I am developing as an example.

LP is a TBS game which I am making at the moment, its core mechanic being a procedurally generated terrain which units can fight across in a bid to secure vital resources. I've spent moths programming this in C# along with a UI that allows for movement over a series of tiles as below:

All of this works well enough but the main problem is time. Trying to fit 4 or 5 hours of coding in on a weekend between school is difficult and the results of a few hours of monumental achievement in your code aren't always transferred back into visual progress.

So now its onto visuals, more time maybe five or six hours for a piece of concept art below, to get a sense of future potential visuals (This was done in photoshop quite a few months ago) :

This one here is of a dropped which got shot down and landed behind an enemies energy shield. However all these might as well be fantasy unless they are then transferred into 3d - The challenge. So next I started coming up with variations of the drop ship which change quite dramatically over the next 15 - 20 hours or so:

Which then turns into the 3d model below, bearing in mind having to go and teach myself concept art + blender as well so everything is still a learning curve.

© Hugo Dolan 2015

My point and question being does anyone have any experience with small slots of time which can be allocated to the development process, is there anyways to make your game smaller and better or has anyone found the same problems as myself when trying to go at this with limited levels of expertise and a constant learning curve.

Any comments ?
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