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Hello everyone that cares enough to read this. Recently there was an accident/terrotist attack in New Zealand that happened on Friday. I was in the school/work while it happened , when i got home i went on my server to see whats new. There already was an conversation going on about it , one of my friends saw the video and told about it in the server , he was not sure if he should post it or not , he didn't. Instead he asked himself if i would like to see it , which one of my friends said no , don't show it to him. Well , i was very interested in it so i asked my friend for it , he didn't have it anymore and told me to look for it on some kiwifarms site , which i didn't bother doing as i was lazy. Few moments later , pictures started popping out on the discord , thats when i started joking about it saying lmao , madlad and all the ridiculous shit like that , basicly edgy things that would offend everyone , i went full out on the jokes as i thought it would be kept private. Well , one of my friends got offended by it , and started leaking screenshots of my sarcastic , offensive jokes and my oppinions. Well , i banned him , he wanted to go back saying he is sorry and all that , so i allowed him to come back. Me being a guy interested in sounds , i found the sounds from the guns in the shooting quite good , so i got a few samples , played with the sounds , posted one of the finnished sounds which was for the SPAS-12 on the Lambda Generation server , one of the members asked if it's from the shooting , i said hush , it is and that i don't support the shooter or what happened , that all i cared about were the gun sounds , that i would not let them go to waste. Overtime i started to say stuff like he could have done it better , like he wasted ammo and all that , then i started to joke about him being a meme lord for writing some funky stuff like the Navy Seals Copypasta which had me laughing , like everything else honestly. Thats when i tried to make a meme out of it. I took the Counter-Strike 1.6 sounds and replaced the gun sounds used in the shooting with them , at first i had a few laughs but then i realized i did something very bad. Gunship_Mark II told me to delete everything related to the video , not to mention the shooting and all that , which i didn't. I instead kept it , shown it on my server. And thats about it. Well the very next day i deleted the edited video as i felt very bad for doing it , we started to slowly talk less and less about what happened and went on different topics , as we always do. Today is Tuesday , i was contacted by a man with a GMan profile picture regarding screenshots of my discord conversation. Just by looking at it , i knew they were taken by my friend which got offended. Well , while at school , i get on one of my friends phone and i write to my easily offend friend that i will ban him for sending the screenshots again. He ofcourse sent me a link to an entire reddit post which had more screenshots. At that point , i lost it. Now that i'm home , i'm writing this apology letter to everyone , i'm really sorry for what i did , the New Zealand Shooting isn't something to make fun out off , 49 innocent people have died , and around 50 were injured. So to everyone i have offended and hurt , i'm sorry , very sorry for this , i don't think before i do something , and this is the result. From now on , i won't be participating in the community , i will leave the community and quit all the projects i've worked on , i don't want anyone to loose their reputation because of something stupid and offensive i've done. I'm not expecting you to forgive me easily , so it's best for me to move on. Sorry , and goodbye. -Kris


This doesn't make up for what you did. However, I think everyone is happy that you at least realized that you had made a mistake, and took the time to publicly apologize. That does take guts. You could have very easily ignored it or put a little "Sorry for that thing I did". You have my thanks for this.

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Holy ****. I'm happy that you're moving on, this is a really hard time for everyone after such an attack, and I hope you know that we're all supporting you through mistakes and trials (at least, I hope the modding community can just this once not harass a modder who removed his mods).

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