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E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy

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Fort Zombie

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An essentially fun and new concept, i.e. the survival of a group of individuals through scavenging resources from a zombie-infested city while building defenses for an always certain final confrontation falls flat because of the bad execution. Controls felt unresponsive and aiming was ridiculously hard as the third person camera and the mouse-controlled aiming circle never quite seemed to work together. Shots that were aimed perfectly at a Zombie either missed by about a screen worth of distance or just plain went through the target. Even given the circumstances of the player controlling a survivor and not an action hero, the controls are just broken. Guns become essentially useless except for shotguns and even they are not always a guaranteed hit at close distances, when the collision detection, camera angle and aimpoint fight for superiority. Melee weapons are plagued by the same problem and unless you find one of the hidden swords in special locations, you're not going to survive a lot of melee either.

Thus the player is almost incapable of actively defending himself from an enemy that barely deserves the words "artificial intelligence". While the Zombies manage to sometimes climb over obstacles, they're just as likely to get stuck on the sidewalk or in a door. Survivors are just as stupid and escorting them is more than just a chore as they have the survival instinct of lemmings. Don't count on them accomplishing anything in the final night either, just hole them up somewhere they cannot get eaten and get to work yourself. A shame because it seems the survivors received some attention. There's regular people, children, the gun-toting conspiracy nut and ex-Military to find, and the Zombies are just as varied.

While it is sad, especially as I am a Zombie games fan and this one had a lot of potential in the search and barricade mechanics, the lousy AI, broken shooting and annoying and repetetive sound design make this game just boring and painful to play.


Sword of the Stars II: Enhanced Edition

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Sword of the Stars

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