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Ride´em Low

Game review

No controller support.
Can't redefine keys.
Two mouse pointers always visible.
Game is badly designed, cheap, unfinished, nasty.
The graphics are good enough to look not bad on screenshots but the gameplay is not there.
Avoid this.


Dungeon of Elements

Game review - 7 disagree

Games like Puzzle Quest are Bejeweled with rpg elements thrown on top; this is Dr. Mario with rpg elements thrown on top. It's quite fun but could do with being a little more polished. Also you get better loot drop chance if you turn on twitter integration?! wtf? cheap ploy.


Bad Bots

Game review

It can be quite fun but wow, it feels so unpolished and cheap and nasty.

- No music or background sound most of the time. Silence. Feels really weird.
- Some things don't have sound effects. E.g. hitting with an axe when there's nothing there.
- Enemies are so stupid and move in the derpiest way imaginable (almost as if they are in an online game and you have lag).
- Animation is somewhat primitive
- The background tears nastily when scrolling
- Can't redefine keys.


Nightmare Island Text Adventure

Game review

Tropical Heat Jet Ski Racing

Game review - 1 agree

It's very, very bad. Just no fun at all. I don't recommend it.



Game review

Good game. I'm not that fond of how they have implemented the line-of-sight shadowing and I wish there was a way to get the pre-order bonus (random starting loadout). (It wouldn't be 10 without these though- maybe 8.5).



Game review

Very promising block building in space survival game. There's a lot of fun to be had.


Sword of the Stars: The Pit

Game review - 1 agree - 1 disagree

This is not like most of the other roguelike games on desura. It is a cut above. It's a proper commercial game as opposed to a hobbyist game that you are charged for.



Game review

I know the person who made this so you might think I'm just giving it 10 because I know him or something but that's not true. I'm giving it 10 because it's free and because the work that went into making it is incredible if you know all the details.

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