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graspee Blog 2 comments

I've been using linux again recently after a long break. I've installed Ubuntu 11.10 onto the 2nd partition of my laptop's hard drive and I'm regularly booting between Windows and Linux. I've also been investigating a number of other operating systems via Virtualbox.

I'm still spending the majority of my time weighing up different languages and libraries to write my roguelike game in. I think I will have to just pick one soon or I'll never start.

Pitman Pepper Picked a Pretty Product

graspee Blog

I bought Pitman on Desura today; it was 68% off because of the 7DRL sale so it only cost me 66p or something similar.

Anyway... I'd previously felt that the game wasn't for me because of the very temporary nature of the equipment (it breaks and disappears) but I've changed my mind now. Once you start to view the game as a board game rather than thinking of it like your traditional roguelikes and also start to think about the equipment in a different way, trying to fit its active life time into your calculations and strategies then it's really a lot of fun. The graphics after all, are amazingly good.

I also felt I should support the game because I've been following the 7DRL event closely this year, and the first version of Pitman was an entrant last year, though exactly how much food I'm putting on the developer's table for 66p is unclear. Perhaps I should think of it as I'm providing pepper for his meals for a year! If he buys cheap, pre-ground pepper that could be true. If he wants a grinder and peppercorns though he'll have to write another game!

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