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Graphic artist.
Working on free open source cross platform games.

Computer nerd, graphic artist, game developer, coder, open source advocate.

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Indie Gamers

Indie Gamers

1,517 members Hobbies & Interests

For fans of indie games and hardcore indie gamers, no matter whether these indies are commercial or freeware/opensource. This hub used for many indie...

Civilization-like games fans

Civilization-like games fans

203 members Fans & Clans

For all fans of Civilization-like games, the main Civilization series, Call to Power spinoffs, Alpha Centauri, and indies such as C-evo, FreeCiv and FreeCol...

2D Games

2D Games

210 members Fans & Clans

They are places where "Z axis" does not exist, only YX reign, the word is unknown 3D, games are simple but should be played, many of them will make us...



579 members Arts & Literature

For us folks who like to stay Free and use the Blender 3d program over every other costly options!

Open Source Initiative (unofficial)

Open Source Initiative (unofficial)

34 members Other

An initiative to promote making free & commercial closed-source software open-source.

Open Source Game Development

Open Source Game Development

41 members Other

Open Source game developers can share their thoughts and news here.

Free Software Initiative

Free Software Initiative

69 members Other

An initiative to promote and disseminate freeware and pricelessware.

Freezing Moon

Freezing Moon

1 member Developer & Publisher

We're a group of nerds from all around the world, that love game development, open source and art. With the help of technology and Internet, we're constantly...

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In February, one new financial contributor joined. We received $210 from 13 financial contributors and we spent $21… T.co

Feb 28 2023 by ancientbeast

In January, we received $195 from 12 financial contributors and we spent $242. Our current balance is $18. Thank y… T.co

Jan 31 2023 by ancientbeast

Dota2 sucks cock. Always with useless semi-afk feeding cockshit luzers in my team. T.co

Jan 15 2023 by dreadknight

In December, 2 financial contributors joined. We received $255 from 12 financial contributors and we spent $831. O… T.co

Dec 31 2022 by ancientbeast

Why is @Dota2 filled with ez idiots? Typical game: I pick Miruna and all the cockshit luzers from my team pick invi… T.co

Dec 16 2022 by dreadknight

Dota doi suge pula si cu curu si cu gura! Numai sloboziti in gat care nu stiu sa ia offlaner, numai cardboard carry.

Dec 15 2022 by dreadknight

RT @Markus_T77: @POTUS Corruption made in America Bernie Madoff 2.0 is Ken Griffin #KenGriffinLiedUnderOath T.co

Dec 13 2022 by dreadknight

RT @joe94504140: @dlauer Yeah fuck that guy keep looking at him pls pls don't look at what #KenGriffinLiedUnderOath T.co

Dec 13 2022 by dreadknight

In November, 3 financial contributors joined. We received $285 from 15 financial contributors and we spent $29. Ou… T.co

Nov 30 2022 by ancientbeast

In October, 2 financial contributors joined. We received $195 from 9 financial contributors and we spent $20. Our… T.co

Oct 31 2022 by ancientbeast