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GeneralMustafa - - 7 comments

I found a 17 year old comment from you from a Call of Duty 1 mod!

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AbrahamSilvestre - - 193 comments

Thank you for deleting stupid posts on your l'aigle page:)

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Ivartheviking - - 6 comments

I love L'aigle, I seriously hope you consider reworking this mod on Bannerlord!

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keylomy - - 1 comments

ur de goat

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theggamer27 - - 75 comments

hey ahm pls can you help me for just editing the command menu or a script file that contains the command orders for the troop not for your mod to a old mod called 1776 American Revolution mod pls just this one only and for the commands ai only pls good sir im just wanted to play a mod that has guns with a correct commands but this mod has a wrong command menu for the troops theres no form a line command like yours and theres no fire at my command too and etc I just wanted to change the command menu just like the command orders like your mod it has all the command that the mod with guns,rifles in it pls help how can I change the command menu for this mod to be like your command or order menu for the troops pls good sir teach me pls sir ;(

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punjabi_panda - - 14 comments

Hello Docm30, I'm one of the guys working on Conquest De Europa and I wanted to give you a proper explanation that you deserved. The Images in our mod description had not yet been captioned when you came across our mod and the summary has not been fully completed. Because of the sudden growth in the Development team from 1 person to about 6, in the span of one day, the leader of our team did not have the full opportunity to create an in depth explanation of the mod status. The map of Europe that you created for your mod is currently being used as a testing ground for our ideas and features that we are adding. Every flag, party, troop and city/village map is/will be completely originally created, as well as the map itself (currently being worked on by me and another person). In these very early stages of the mod we were eager to show it to the public, but have rushed in the anticipation of creating this mod. We apologise for not contacting you for permission to use photos of your mod ( but it is your misconception that anything from your mod will be completely copied or claimed as our own ) and if in future a situation is created where our dev team may want to incorporate something from your mod, we will make sure to contact you before hand.

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milesthebest - - 10 comments

Could you share how to make a texture pack using Lagile for mount and blade napoleonic wars

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ErichvonFalkenhayn - - 1 comments

Quick question Docm30, are you still working on L'Aigle? Your fans on Steam have been patiently waiting for a major update for months. I would not blame you if you decided to move onto other things, just let everyone know on Steam about that. Also, did you add African soldiers in one of the updates, or have they always been in the game and they are just extremely rare?

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Brom768 - - 5 comments

For some reason my L'aigle is all dark and weirdly shaded.

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Mincinno - - 9 comments

Hey Docm30 are you Canadian!

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