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Half-Life & Opposing Force Addons - My Own Preferences & Recommendations

Dmitriy-Bars Blog

Recently, I became a big fan of the games from Half-Life 1 series. So, I want to share my most favorite add-ons, which may be called "Extended packs" for Half-Life and Half-Life: Opposing Force.

1. Half-Life Uplink Addon

Uploaded by: Wesp5

Half-Life Uplink Addon

This addon contains the maps from Half-Life: Uplink - an official demo made in 1999 - as an additional chapter for Half-Life, which can be reached through the Lambda Reactor Core teleport. So, if you wanted, you can play it!

Also, it includes a "fixed" Barney Calhoun model (with no armor) from Blue Shift and more special NPCs in "c0a0" map (the first map of HL). It's recommended to use original (non-HD) models for playing, but you can run it with High Definition Pack as well - just download the "deadbarney" model from Blue Shift HD Pack.

Source: Moddb.com

2. Half-Life: Opposing Force Aliens Addon

Uploaded by: Wesp5

Half-Life: Opposing Force Aliens Addon

Another awesome addon from the creator of "Uplink Addon", which adds all cut Xen aliens to the Hydrofauna (of3a4) and Biodome (of4a1, of4a2) research levels of Opposing Force.

Actually, most of these aliens are just "props" which are not hostile to the player, but, anyway, this addon looks better than Half-Secret mod) And yeah, it increases the coolness of OpForce itself!

Source: Moddb.com

3. Half-Life PS2 Hazard Course intro

Uploaded by: deadlife101

Half-Life PS2 Hazard Course intro(includes LD mdl)

This addon includes the extended version of the first Half-Life Hazard Course map, which was ported from the PlayStation 2 port. It also contains both the original HD-model of a scientist with a clipboard (which is on the picture) and his low-poly version.

Source: Indiedb.com

4. Valve/Gearbox HL:DM Collection

Uploaded by: deadlife101

Includes all third-party Deathmatch maps for Half-Life - from Further Data pack, PlayStation 2 port, Dreamcast port (dm_office, which is similar to "Office" from PS2 port) and Half-Life: Alpha (wares_dm - an old version of "Stalkyard").

Also, it contains original/edited player models from FD and PS2 port (+ adapted model of Ivan the Space Biker from Alpha), new spray logos from FD and a special DM map - "Cloister" by Mark Laidlaw and Alles_Ratten.

Source: Moddb.com

5. Valve's official HLDM/OP4DM PC content

Uploaded by: deadlife101

Valve's official HLDM/OP4DM PC content

Includes Further Data DM maps (with player models and spray logos as well) and Opposing Force maps which were not included in the Steam release of the game (op4_bounce, op4_frenzy, op4_undertow, op4_subtransit, op4_crossfire).

Source: Indiedb.com

6. Halls2 (HL 1 DM Map)

Uploaded by: deadlife101

Halls2 (HL 1 DM Map)

Another "third-party" Half-Life: Deathmatch map which was a remake of "Halls of death" map for Marathon (in the right picture) and, in turn, became "the forerunner" for the official Half-Life 2 DM map "Halls3" (in the left picture).

Source: Indiedb.com

7. HD Half-Life Crosshairs

Uploaded by: CrowbarDeep

HD Half-Life Crosshairs

Includes new high-definition crosshairs for all Half-Life 1 games for the convenient playing on large monitors and, as well, on small mobile screens (Android versions).

Source: Moddb.com

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