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Currently I'm working on my very own game using the stencyl engine (love it so far). For those who dont know the jmonkey engine it allows you to create games like 3079 (from what I've heard thats what phr00t used to make 3079) Stencyl engine is the same but it works only for flash games but its really easy to use. Currently Im trying out rin's quest right now, I'd really like to play some multiplayer for 3079 but I dont know any addresses to hook up to (If your starting a multiplayer server and I'm online I'll be glad to join you). Currently I've just expanded my gaming from 5 games to 6 :D. I encourage you to try out Dead meets lead (Its Full version is free!!) you can find a product code at its official website.

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Graphics could do better but I love the multiplayer idea where you can also fight the other side. I think its really fun too, considering its a TD game, i've played alot of TD games but this one is a one of a kind!


Helena The 3rd

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I absolutely love the idea of 3d to 2d gameplay It pretty much blew my mind. I only have the demo and its showed me how awesome the game really is. I hope to buy the full game, and see exactly how great it is, demo brought it to 8, and pretty sure full game will take it to 9/10 or maybe even 10/10.


Dead Meets Lead

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I like the game, but the only way I can beat it is by hiding in houses, and even at that I still take massive amounts of damage, Its very fun but extremely hard I cant beat the level where you start out with about 30 ammo for your gun, the bullets go through the zombies sometimes, and there to laggy but I still love the idea of the game.



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I havent bought it (expensive for my taste) but it looks fairly good.



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Love the game, Mine Craft kind of took over the whole idea of blocks. Making every game that had blocks known as a copy which makes it harder on all of the other games. This game is also cutting down on the blocks by making circular models, craters, for example are very well done. The game overall is unbelievable for just coming out of alpha.

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